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South Australia Launches Problem Gambling Alert System

South Australia Launches Problem Gambling Alert SystemGambling addiction is affecting the lives of millions of individuals around the world. According to several sources, the problem is getting worst,hurting families and communities. In order to help gambling addicts, South Australia has recently launched their Problem Gambling Alert System in pubs and Clubs.

The automated system will alert gaming staff when individuals have reached a certain threshold on a gaming machine. This new automated system has been approved by the Australian Gambling Authority and is being rolled out nationwide.

Last week, Hotels and clubs officially installed the system after an update to the central monitoring system. In addition, it is used and monitored by the Independent Gaming Corporation to monitor poker machine technology.

Support of the Problem Gambling Alert System

Several groups are in favor of the new Problem Gaming Alert System.  One example is the Australian Hotels Association SA. According to Ian Horne, the AHA branch general manager the system is “very simple” and “very cost-effective” tool.  This is because it complements staff observation of potential problem gamblers in their establishment.

“This gives them a solution to help them with their observation monitoring. It acts more as a trigger for staff members,” Horne said.

“At the end of the day monitoring rests very heavily on human contact. This is because the automated risk monitoring system is simply a tool to help with human contact and intervention.”

Gambling addiction is a worldwide problem according several of the top psychology and help center around the world. They are various ways to seek help for not only the gambler but also for family and friends.  Some of them include group therapy, online therapy and other types of supports groups.

In addition, even though the sports betting software strategy for problem gamblers is worthwhile, a proper trained staff is necessary.

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