Shaan Washington Delivers AAF Viral Hit

The best football moment this month didn’t come from the Super Bowl. Instead, it came from the upstart Alliance of American Football or the AAF. During its inaugural weekend, San Antonio Commanders’ linebacker Shaan Washington delivered the first AAF viral hit.

In the San Antonio-San Diego Fleet game, Washington found himself unblocked during a weakside blitz and sacked QB Mike Bercovici. The hit was so vicious that its short clip already got three million views as of Sunday afternoon.

Washington previously played for A&M. During his Aggie career, he got 269 tackles, with 6.5 sacks. He signed with the Minnesota Vikings in 2017 as an undrafted free agent. However, he didn’t get to play in a regular season game. Other A&M alumni on the Commanders squad are tight end Cameron Clear and running back Trey Williams.

AAF Viral Hit

The AAF wants to cash in on the nation’s obsession with football. It sees itself as a developmental league for the NFL, like MLB’s farm system or the NBA’s G-League. However, the AAF wants to introduce innovations, such as no kickoffs.

Shaan Washington Delivers Aaf Viral Hit

Another AAF viral hit it introduced is the Sky Judge, which reviews plays in real-time. In fact, the Sky Judge can reverse calls made by the refs if there were errors. In addition, it gives football fans a unique experience that’s different from what the NFL has to offer. PPH bookie sites will support the league as well.

AAF co-founder Bill Polian is happy that the league’s inaugural weekend made sports news headlines. Also, he is thrilled by the warm support they got from fans. Although the AAF’s app encountered some technical glitches, it was on top of both the Google Play and Apple stores in the US.

The games have a great turnout, and fans were engaged from start to end. In addition, the AAF received a positive reaction on social media. It also received hundreds of inquiries about season tickets. The best pay per head bookie also offered betting lines on the games. All these are good signs for the new league.

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