San Francisco Giants Wins the World Series Twice in Three Years

Betting On The 2012 Mlb World Series





The San Francisco Giants won the World Series on Monday night in extra innings, 4-3. The Giants were able to sweep the playoff dominant Detroit Tigers in a swift way. The Giants were able to control the Tigers since the beginning of the series. Not many bookies or sports betting sites had prepared for such a quick end to the 2012 season, but it happened anyway.

The game was tied for four innings until the top of the tenth inning when Marco Scutaro was able to score the go ahead run. Sergio Romo struck out Triple Crown winner Miguel Cabrera in the bottom of the tenth to seal a Giant victory. It was the second time in three years that the Giants were able to win the World Series. San Francisco Giant third baseman Pablo Sandoval took home the post-season MVP award after playing a near flawless series.

What was anticipated to be a close series, turned into a giant joke, as San Francisco proved they were the better team this season. After not playing each other very often, perhaps not knowing your opponent hurt the Tigers who had a very successful regular season.

Tiger’s star Miguel Cabrera was the last strike out victim of the 2012 season. Many hoped that the Triple Crown winner would have helped lead the Tigers, however, he was unable to bring the Tigers back from the 3-0 series hole they had dug themselves into.

For those who followed many bet online reviews, sports books or other online betting sites may have found several different odds makers that influenced your decision to wager on either the Tigers or Giants. This year was such a topsy turvy season that it seems anti-climactic that the World Series ended on a pop fly after only four games. At the very least it did go to extra innings, but that is about as exciting as it would get.

The baseball season is now over, and it is time to find another sport to follow with the same enthusiasm. As of right now the NHL is not in operation, thanks to the lockout, and the NFL season is half-way over. The NBA is just getting underway, so there are still many options for the sports betting enthusiast.

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