PayPerHead PayPerHead 9.5 / 10

$5 to $2.50 a Player

Bonus Code: None Needed

$5 a player 1-99; $3 a player 100-499; $2.50 a player 500+ players

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Bitcoin Other Cryptocurrency (Contact CS) MoneyGram Credit Cards
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Founded 1997 Great Customer Service Two Live Casinos New Digital Casinos Agent Payment Solution (APS) Over 500+ Sports Sharplines Database TruLive Wagering Layoff Account


Since 1997, PayPerHead has served as the per head industry’s premier sportsbook tech service provider. One of the reasons is because PayPerHead offers the most possible sports betting options. When players have options on which to wager, bookmakers make money.

In our PayPerHead sportsbook software review, we take a look at their software, related features, and customer service.

Any PPH provider in business as long as PayPerHead must be doing something right. The leading per head provider has made it their mission to provide top of class sportsbook software to professional online bookies.
Their philosophy revolves around the idea that the more successful their customers are, the more successful they will be. The company reaches its goals by offering outstanding customer service, a personal account manager, and sportsbook software tools like the Agent Payment Solution (APS®) and a bookie layoff account.

PricePerHead.com General Information

Website payperhead.com

Year Established 1997

Country (License) Costa Rica

Min Per Player $2.50

Max Per Player $5

Promotion and Advantages

PayPerHead is offering a great deal right now. The image below details it. It puts this top of the line bookmaking software provider at, or near, the head of the class. Along with its other features. It is hard to go wrong. Not mentioned here is a custom-built website to suit your needs.

Promo Prices At Payperhead Thru 2024

Below are a few other perks that the PPH software provider has.

  • Languages:English, Spanish, Mandarin
  • Telephone Wagering: Available
  • Telephone: 1-800-605-4767
  • Email:Contact Us
  • Website: https://payperhead.com/
  • Live Chat:Yes
  • Private Site Available:Yes
  • Private Toll-Free Number Available:Yes

Sportsbook PayPerHead Features

PayPerHead has more features than we can fit into a review (without it being 8 pages long), but here are the ones that stood out for us that bookies will find useful in the screenshot below. Some of these are one of a kind.

Proprietary software allows them to constantly develop new ways to improve your business. More ways to entertain your players, more betting opportunities, better features to monitor and manage your players. State of the art security to keep your data safe, and your players’ data safe. All designed to make you a lot of profit.

Software Features At Payperhead

PayPerHead Sportsbook Pay Per Head Review

Opening an account with PayPerHead.com is a breeze. The entire process is automated. The registration form asks just four questions. After answering the four questions, all bookies must do is check to make sure they’re human and then hit the “Sign-Up Now” button.

Prices normally start at $11 a head and go down to $7 per head. Right now PPH has rock bottom prices through 2024. Prices are starting at $5 a player and as low as $2.50 per player.

Secure Payments Methods
  • Bitcoin
  • Other Cryptocurrency (Contact CS)
  • MoneyGram
  • Credit Cards
  • Debit Cards
  • eChaeck
Secure Refund Methods
  • Refund or payments to source paid with
  • null

We have partnered with Coinbase, Gemini, BTCC, and Paybis. We possibly could be adding a couple of more top rated exchanges to give our readers the best options. We know each person has a different set of needs and we are trying to accommodate. We want to give the best options available for our readers.

All of these exchanges are fully compliant Money Service Business (MSB) registered with the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN). Before engaging with any cryptocurrency exchange, it’s crucial to verify its compliance status to ensure it’s registered as a MSB with FinCen.

Coinbase is the largest crypto exchange in the US and one of the largest in the world. Gemini is one of the most respected and trusted exchanges in the world and has a huge foot print in the US. BTCC is one of the oldest exchanges in existence and licensed around the globe. Paybis is one of the most respected exchanges in the world and allows you to instantly send cryptocurrency with a debit or credit card.

The Sportbook Agent Interface

The agent dashboard is 100% reworked and only DGS software is used. It is a fully digital platform and allows for a quicker and more customizable experience. DGS, or Digital Gaming Solutions, is the newest technology in digital gaming system software. It has the most up-to-date tools for sports betting management.

If you’re new to online betting and your book is full of traditional clients who want to make the digital transition, DGS is definitely the way to go. ASI, or Advisor Software Inc., has been building a reputation for reliability over six years. It’s now considered “the old software” to manage sportsbooks compared to DGS, but still offers basic features like player management, adjustment tools, weekly stats, and betting limits.

The reports are fantastic. Some provide a snapshot of the overall health of your sportsbook. Others provide specific information. Managing players is easy. It takes almost no time to change betting limits or open up other betting platforms like the digital casino and digital racebook.  

What we really like is the Agent Payment Solution (APS®). The APS allows financial transaction in both traditional currency as well as cryptocurrency. Agents can make payouts or collect through the system. Players can fund their accounts via cryptocurrency or credit cards.

The Agent Payment Solution is a per head agent’s best friend and is a game changer.


Founded 1997 Great Customer Service Two Live Casinos New Digital Casinos Agent Payment Solution (APS) Over 500+ Sports Sharplines Database TruLive Wagering Layoff Account


No longer Offers ASI Software

Player Sports Betting Platform

PayPerHead.com’s sports betting platform is state of the art. Most impressively, the betting platform offers as much, and sometimes more, than company run online sportsbooks.

A PayPerHead agent’s players can wager on 500+ sports leagues around the world. That includes making bets on things like rugby, cricket, darts, and table tennis. Players can even bet on the U.S. Presidential Election. Of course, the betting platform includes all popular sports like football, baseball, basketball, and hockey. They also offer all eSports and live betting solutions.

The racebook offers over seventy horse racing tracks. The biggest thoroughbred tracks are available, Belmont Park, Santa Anita Park, Gulfstream, and Churchill Downs, but so are smaller tracks like Remington, Will Rogers Downs, and Fonner Park. Each agent is in charge of what tracks they offer.

If the racetrack runs races, PayPerHead will most likely offer betting on those races.


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