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David Alaba Expected to Boost Real Madrid FC Offense

There are players that are harder to sign than others, we all know that. However, it’s quite difficult to say no when it’s Real Madrid knocking at your door, and even more if they’re constantly doing it. David Alaba has been a player for Bayern Munich since 2010, despite playing for 1899 Hoffenheim as a loan in 2011 for 17 games. Today, we can finally say that he’s finally a Real Madrid player, something that Madrid fans have been waiting to hear for a long, long time.

Alaba is an Austrian player, left-back mostly, but can also play centre-back, he’s 28 years old and he won precisely 28 trophies with Bayern Munich in his 281 official appearances with the club in Bundesliga, 46 in the National Cup, 92 in European championships, mostly UEFA Champions League and UEFA Super Cup, and 12 in other tournaments, for a grand total of 431 games with the German team, plus 31 goals, not bad for a natural defender.

With Bayern Munich, Alaba won 10 Bundesliga titles in 11 and a half seasons, as ridiculous as that sounds, he won 6 German Cups, 6 German Super Cups, 2 Champions Leagues, 2 European Super Cups, and 2 Club World Cups, plus he was named three consecutive times to the UEFA Team of the Year, in 2013, 2014, and 2015. In his country, Austria, he has been voted Player of the Year a total of seven times as well.

What can David Alaba bring to the table for Real Madrid?

For many years, Real Madrid hasn’t really been able to build a solid defense, and that has made it harder for the team to achieve long-term results. After all, remember what people always say in sports, a good offense wins you games, but a good defense wins you championships.

Raphael Varane has been an ok companion for Sergio Ramos, but doesn’t really compare to Pepe, for example, and Marcelo, who plays left-back usually, is now a veteran, and is not getting many chances to play over younger players.

Alaba is a great solution for both options, he can play in the middle or at the side, he’s a very fast player, very technical, he shoots well, he generates danger constantly throughout a game, he defends well, and the idea is that he should be able to bring some balance for Real Madrid’s defense, hopefully.

At 28 he’s a still young but experienced player, who will be able to inject some power and adrenaline to a team that is in need of that, because the new prospects are still lacking experience, and that can’t really happen in a team that is supposed to go out and fight for every single title they compete for.

Having played that many games for Bayern, having won so many titles, and with the international experience Alaba has, he’s supposed to be a great asset for a Real Madrid team that is right now looking for a new identity, after Zinedine Zidane’s departure.

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