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Play NFL Survivor & Other Top Contests at JazzSports

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JazzSports is Having a NFL Survivor, US Open Tennis, NFL Pick’em, and Premier League Predictor Contests

JazzSports is opening the 2023 betting season with several fun contests. The NFL Survivor Contest is definitely going to be one of the best ones at any online sportsbook. Jazz is one of the oldest online sportsbooks and it is a definite must have out for any serious sports gambler.

An added bonus is their completely new sports betting software and platform will be ready by the start of the NFL season and it will be something you definitely want to check out.

The 4 contests are as follows:

NFL Survivor: You select a winning team each week, if you select a correct team, you “survive” to the following week. However, if you select a team for the week that doesn’t win, you are eliminated. The goal for each contestant is to be the last man standing to earn money from the prize pool.

NFL Pick’em Week 2: From all the scheduled games for Week 2, you select the winning team for each matchup. The players with the most winning selections earn the cash from the prize pot.

Tennis US Open Bracket: this is just like the March Madness Bracket, except that you select the athletes moving on to the next round. The customer with the most successful selections across the rounds wins the bracket.

Football Premier League Predictor: This is a season-long tournament where the goal is to successfully predict the top 10 positions in the tournament’s standings. The more correct spots you choose, the more points you accumulate. Man City is an easy prediction to come in first, but can you successfully pick the complete 10 spots?

Each of these contests has a general leaderboard, the idea with you is to engage your audience and have them compete against you for bragging rights. This is why this is the idea for you to pursue them:

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Participate in the Survivor NFL, Premier League Predictor, US Open in Tennis and Week 2 of NFL Pickem.

  • Beat HHSports in all 4 contests and earn $100 Free Play.
  • Beat HHSports in all 3/4 contests and earn $50 Free Play.
  • Beat HHSports in all 2/4 contests and earn $25 Free Play.
  • Beat HHSports in all 1/4 contests and earn $10 Free Play.
  • If you don’t beat HHSports in any of the contests, you must call HHSports your daddy for life.

NFL Survivor Contest Rules

Join the Predictor challenge Contest: NFL Survivor 2023-2024 season

Get ready for this season’s NFL Survivor and participate in the predictor challenge making one selection per week. Winning your weekly selection will keep you alive in the contest.


Full season contest (one winner only end of the season)

  • 1st Place:  80% of all entry money


  • The contest entry cost is $10.00 (unlimited entries).
  • One ´free entry´ will be honored when placing a $250.00 Future bet (one max per player.

How It Works:

 Making a weekly selection throughout the NFL´s 2023-2024 season from Week 1 to Week 18 (if necessary). Winning the correct prediction every week, guarantees you to be alive in the contest. Teams must be selected one time only, meaning if your selection for Week# 1 is Dallas Cowboys, you can not select that team anymore.

Terms and Conditions:

  • NFL Survivor Contest begins Week 1 of the 2023 NFL Season and continues through Week 18; the postseason is not included.
  • Available to recreational players from US & Canada.
  • As standard, each additional pool entry will have a cost of $10.00, which will be deducted from the account balance on the spot.
  • Each participating member will choose ONE NFL team each week. Once you select a team for a week, that team is not available for selection for the remainder of the contest.
  • If a team is not available for selection this indicates the game has already locked, the team has been selected in a previous week or the team is on a ‘Bye’ week.
  • Picks are made straight-up. Spread point lines will not be featured in this pool.
  • If their pick is correct, they will survive until the following week.
  • Incorrect picks will result in the player’s immediate disqualification, for the remainder of the season
  • Participating members will be able to select their picks for the entire season at once or go week by week.
  • If you do not select a team on a given week, your entry will be graded as a loss and eliminated from the contest.
  • Picks are final once selected, and no changes or cancellations will be permitted.
  • The goal is to be the last person standing at the end of the season.
  • The contestant(s) that have entries remain alive, without selecting a losing team, is the Survivor Contest winner.
  • The contest ends on Week 18 of the 2023-2024 NFL season, or when there is only one contestant remaining; whichever comes first. i.e.: If three contestants remain in Week 16 and two contestants select losing teams, the remaining contestant is declared the winner.
  • If multiple contestants remain alive after Week 18, they will split the prize evenly.
  • Contest Prizes will be awarded 72h after Week 18 ends and not before.
  • If a game results in a tie or is cancelled, the pick will be regarded as a win for grading purposes.
  • The winner of the pool will receive a cash prize equivalent of 80% of the entry money. If more than one player makes it to the end of the season, the prize will be split among them in equal amounts.
  • Contest prizes have a 5x rollover requirement for withdrawal purposes.
  • Jazz Sports reserves the right to change these rules or cancel the promotion without previous notice.
  • Contest available to players from USA & Canada exclusively.

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