Packer Backers Open up their Coffers for Monday Night Football

Green Bay Packers

Falcons and Packers Square Off in NFL Action

Certain NFL spreads are not about unearthing the truth but to stop the one sided flow of funds from happening. If Packer backers did not need more incentive, the destruction of Brady at home has encouraged their fans to speculate with investments outside of cheese futures. The piggie banks and Christmas Club funds have all been taken out to bet Green Bay on Monday Night. America’s Bookie is proud to examine the Atlanta Falcons (5-7) attempt to not only win in Lambeau but decrease the gross national product of US sports bettors this Monday Night.

Falcons Leaky Air Defense

Against mostly NFC south competition, the Atlanta Falcons have provided friendly skies for teams to traverse up and down the field. 285 yards per game is expected to bloat even higher with Aaron Rodgers in their sites. The ray of hope for this team has been their opportunistic defense when it comes to turnovers. At least two interceptions in each of their last four games has been the band aid necessary to stop drives. Newton, Hoyer, McCown, and Stanton are notches below Aaron Rodgers so it will be quite the accomplishment to keep the interception streak alive.

Vertical Effectiveness

As elite level quarterbacks get long in the tooth, they learn the value of the short passing game as a salve for their arm and to increase offensive time of possession. While Rodgers could certainly go the route of Peyton, he has opted to utilize his still formidable arm strength to stretch defenses. 45 plays of over twenty yards still gives the Pack jailbreak capability. Throw in Lacy’s 770 yards on the ground and this is a true machine on offense. The multi dimensional aspects of their offense will not be challenged by the Falcons unless bolstered by inclement weather.

Monday night is the low twenties with forecast winds of ten miles per hour. There might be snow during the day but the chances decrease dramatically by game time. The question is what to do about the double digit spread and wagering on a late number for the pack near fourteen. The ATS this year is of no help as the Pack have not been double digit favorites. 2014 has been the year of the Packers cover at home though. If you want to risk that awful fourteen then the Packer backers have it right. Your humble author is of the opinion that Green Bay will call off the dogs because it will need every win to get into the playoffs in an ultra competitive NFC. NFL Free Pick is Atlanta + 13 ½ on Monday evening. Good fortune and America’s Bookie will be back next week at Handicapper’s Hideaway with another NFL free pick.

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