Online Casino: How to Maximize Your Bonus Money and Rollover

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When you try to play Red Flush casino games. It can be confusing and sometimes disappointing when you receive an online casino bonus and then you begin reading the fine print. This is likely where you will there’s a rollover requirement to your bonus.

This may sound like the online casino is trying to get over on you. In reality, it’s just business and quite understandable once you take a deeper look. So, you don’t have to be like other gamers who ignore bonuses simply because they don’t want to deal with the rollover requirement.

In this article, we seek to inform you about bonus rollover requirement. You will know how you can maximize your casino bonuses without violating your rollover requirement.

A Basic Overview of Rollover Requirements

Virtually all online casino bonuses have rollover requirements. Even reputable ones like Red Flush Online Casino. This is because the typical online casino operator doesn’t want you to simply take the bonus money and cash out.

To counteract this, they make it so you have to bet the bonus money and the money that you originally deposited.

Rollover requirements are generally expressed in 2x, 3x, 5x language. The x signifying the multiplication sign. If the bonus you like has a 2x rollover requirement, this means that you have to bet 2 times the amount of your initial deposit, with the addition of the bonus amounts.

Let’s say that you deposited $100. You get a 50% bonus for playing on Red Flush online casino. This would mean that your online casino account would now be worth $150. If the rollover requirement is 3x, you’ll have to wager at least $450 in order to be able to withdraw the bonus money from your account.

This ensures that the player will risk enough money to make it worth it for the online casino. They do this to keep on handing out free money bonuses to players.

Not all rollover requirements are created equal

If you ever run across a rollover requirement that’s more than 5x, consider trying your luck at another online casino. There are some operators who think they can dupe people into thinking that these huge deposits are legitimate.

In reality, this high rollover requirement is a complete pain in the rear.

There are even some sites that will offer these requirements, with no qualms, especially if the bonus percentage is high, like 100 percent. These unscrupulous operators will make the rollover requirement as much as 10x before you can withdraw your bonus proceeds.

In our opinion, a 10x rollover requirement is nothing but a scam.

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