NFL Week 8 Preview (Part II)

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NFL Preview Week Eight

Week seven is in the books, after an entertaining Sunday. If you had bet on any of Sunday’s games, you may have found some of the scores much close than anticipated. The Buffalo Bills blew a lead, the Patriots won in overtime and the Texans absolutely crushed the Ravens. Many sportsbooks did not have many games listed as close as they ended up being. Here is a quick preview of a couple of the games we can see week eight.

Miami Dolphins vs. New York Jets

The three and three records plaguing the AFC East have finally been broken, leaving the Dolphins and Jets in second and third places respectfully. The Dolphins are coming off a bye week, while the Jets are coming from a close loss to the Patriots in overtime. This game will spread the AFC standings out as the last place Bills have a bye week coming up.

No question, the Jets will be looking to redeem themselves after last week’s loss. Several mistakes and bad play calls almost ruined the game for them. The last minute of the fourth quarter was a class Tom Brady dive in which the Patriots were able to tie the game to send it to overtime. The rest is now history. The Jets desperately need a win to stay in the hunt in the AFC east. If you are looking to increase you NFL betting this season, watch out for close games like these, as talent battles perseverance.

The Miami Dolphins are coming off of a bye week and are looking to jump back into contention. Statistically, they have a slight advantage over the Jets. They both pass and run for more yards per game then the jets. Ryan Tannehill and Mark Sanchez have very close records. Sanchez has accumulated 1453 yards with nine touchdowns, while Tannehill has 1454 yards for four touchdowns. This should be a grounded affair as Reggie Bush looks to continue his yard grab, while the Jets’ Shonn Greene hopes to continue to contribute. This close battle should fall in favor of the Dolphins, but it will certainly be close.

Indianapolis Colts vs. Tennessee Titans

Both of these teams are coming off of huge wins in week seven. The Colts under Andrew Luck are winning big games while the Titans are finding their way back up the standings. This Sunday should be an interesting game, as both hopes to keep winning.

The Colts slightly statistically outnumber the Titans with more yards per game, both rushing and passing. Andrew Luck has been playing excellent football. He has a much better record than Hasselbeck or Jake Locker and had 1674 yards so far this season. He is truly emerging as a first overall pick. With veteran Reggie Wayne working with him, the duo seem unstoppable at times.

The Titans will want a win as they are finding a bottom position in the AFC South. A win over the Colts will tie between the two and get back into a playoff hopeful position. With the Houston Texans in the same division, neither team will win the division, but this can be seen as a battle for second place. Chris Johnson finally found his feet with Matt Hasselbeck at the helm, while Nate Washington had a solid game as well.

Look for many betting sites to have the Colts take this game, but like the Dolphins and Jets, anticipate a close score.

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