NFL Preview: Week Six Part II

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The NFL just finished its fifth week of action and some analysts on online sports books are already putting teams into “must win” situations. Teams such as the Pittsburgh Steelers and New York Jets need to start winning some games otherwise their year will be a blowout. Let us fast forward to week six and look at some teams that will need to win this week in order to salvage their seasons. If you are looking to get involved in NFL betting next week, check out a couple of these previews first.

Buffalo Bills vs. Arizona Cardinals

This should be a really interesting game. After giving up almost 100 points over two games, the Bills need to regroup in Arizona this week. The Cardinals may have had a strong start to the season, but their loss last week against St. Louis showed the league their faults as a team. The best online betting sites have the Cardinals as the favorites, but do not count the Bills out just yet.

Buffalo has averaged 387.8 yards per game this season, while Arizona only has managed 273.2. The Bills will need to work on their passing game and shake off the poor playing that has occurred as of late. The Bills defense has the potential to be one of the best in the league. However they need to start doing better. They have a good chance at stopping the Cardinals, as Arizona has hardly any running game.

Arizona needs to put a running game together if they have a chance against the Bills. The Cardinals have only managed to average 63.4 rushing yards, while the Bills average 158. It will be all about the run game come Sunday, as Arizona will hope to get back on a winning streak, while the Bills try and avoid a losing one.

Denver Broncos vs. San Diego Chargers

Sunday will feature an AFC West division game between the Broncos and the Chargers. San Diego lead Denver by a win in the standings, however, the close matchup should make for some really interesting football. Some betting sites have the Chargers as the favorites, but do not anticipate a huge lead.

In Sand Diego, QB Philip Rivers has been having a solid year. So far he has tallied 897 yards for 6 touch downs. Watch out for Jackie Battle and Malcolm Floyd to be Rivers’ favorite targets. Rivers has averaged 211 yards per game, but they will need to step it up if they hope to take down Peyton Manning and the Broncos.

The Broncos were handed a loss last week courtesy of the New England Patriots. The Broncos are going to want to bounce back. Manning’s numbers are pretty good, considering their record is not exactly great. The Broncos have been averaging 387 yards per game and 278 yards passing. The game will be close on the ground. The Broncos have averaged 109 yards per game while the Chargers have tallied 100 yards per game. Antonio Gates will need to start scoring some touchdowns, while the defense handles Willis McGahee on the Denver side.

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