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NFL Prop Bets are Becoming More Popular

Sports betting in general has evolved in many different ways in the past few years. NFL Prop Bets have changed some of that thinking. What we used to know from the old school doesn’t necessarily apply anymore, things have changed dramatically, in a good way of course, with the help of technology and all the different tools that are now at hand, and that make gambling even more exciting.

One of the many ways in which sports betting has changed, is that most people now look for live, in-game options to bet on. Just a few years ago, live betting was an “extra” maybe, something that just a few bookmakers could deal, and most of the heavy activity was concentrated on pregame activity. Now this has turned all the way around, and live betting is one of the most important parts for sportsbooks, thanks to mobile platforms and devices, and the impressive levels of connectivity that we live with nowadays.

With this in mind, prop bets have become even more attractive for bettors, as they are based on in-game situations for different teams and players and are things people can bet on as the game goes, making it more enjoyable, and creating hundreds of more chances to play and win while watching all of our favorite games.

NFL season is coming, and prop bets are waiting for you

NFL is one of the sports where you can find the most prop bets available, due to the many different rules and situations that happen within each and every game. Plus, the fact that the clock stops so many times during the game, allows bookmakers to create more markets and for bettors to have more time to place their action, and enjoy all these different options.

Here at we have some of the most experienced and sharpest line movers in the sports betting industry, and they will be in charge of dealing your lines, managing your risk levels, and opening up new markets for your players. We also have the most updated software and sportsbook platform available for you as an agent or bookie, and for your players, so that both parts are able to enjoy the best possible online betting experience.

What are some of the NFL prop bets players can take with a PPH sportsbook?

There are, literally, thousands of different prop bets to bet on when it comes to NFL games. In fact, Super Bowl props are known to be some of the craziest there are in the sportsbook calendar. For the Super Bowl you can bet on the length of the United States National Anthem, on the color of shirt or dress that the halftime show singer will wear, you can bet on how many times a TV presenter will mention certain word or phrase, you can bet on TV spot related props, special appearances, natural disasters, wardrobe malfunctions, and so on, many, many more.

However, for regular NFL games, there are also many available options, like player performance related props, team props, scoring props, player matchup props, and lots more.

Some of the most liked NFL player prop bets are:

–           Quarterback vs quarterback matchups

–           Total TD passes completed

–           Total interceptions

–           Total receptions

–           Total passing yards

–           Total rushing yards

–           Total receiving yards

Give us a call right now, or go to our website,, and contact us there. There’s a lot we need to talk about, we are ready to give you full assistance with whatever you need, so that your sportsbook operation is ready for the new NFL season and everything else that’s coming!

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