NFL Betting – Teams that Will Disappoint in 2013

Betting On Nfl Football

The online football betting world is still abuzz about Super Bowl XLVII, but there are plenty of teams working hard to improve for 2013. No matter how hard some teams work, they will not be able to achieve their goals of playoff success. As the sports betting world gets ready to put a period at the end of the 2012 season, let’s look ahead to the 2013 season to see which teams will disappoint their fans and miss the playoffs.

New York Jets

Jets fans will have to resign themselves to the fact that the next couple of years are going to be difficult. The sports betting sites are comfortable with the notion that many of the Jets’ problems were due to the incompetence of former general manager Mike Tannenbaum. Rex Ryan is a good head coach that is able to mold a good team into a winner, but the Jets are not a good team. New York will need to completely repair its offense including needs for a new quarterback, new wide receivers and new running backs. But the process in New York will be long and difficult, which will make 2013 a disappointment.

Buffalo Bills

The Buffalo Bills have a talented roster in spots, but there are still plenty of openings that need to be filled before Buffalo can be considered a winning team. The team needs a new quarterback. If new head coach Doug Marrone tries to head into the 2013 season with Ryan Fitzpatrick at quarterback, then Buffalo fans can look forward to an even more disappointing season than 2012. The moves in Buffalo, so far, have been token moves that any team would make. Now comes the hard part of making real football decisions, and that is something the Bills have never been good at.

Carolina Panthers

The football betting experts feel that quarterback Cam Newton is in trouble. His horrible attitude in 2012 permeated the rest of the team and contributed greatly to the fall of the Panthers. Newton has the skills to be an elite NFL quarterback, but most people are questioning whether or not he has the right mindset. Even if a new and improved Newton takes the field in 2013, he still has a bad defense and subpar receiving corps to deal with. It seems like the Panthers stopped building when it drafted Newton. In reality, that should have been the beginning.

Detroit Lions

The Detroit Lions have not made many changes so far this offseason and that is a bad sign. Obviously, the system is not working in Detroit. The players are out of control and head coach Jim Schwartz is incapable of reigning them in. The Lions should be on the way to becoming a Super Bowl contender by this point. But the inability for key players on the team to grow up and act like adults, along with Schwartz’s inability to reach his team, will make for another disappointment in 2013.

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