Next Twitter CEO Odds             

Who Will Be The Next Twitter Ceo?

Odds are Out on Who Elon Musk Will Name as Next Twitter CEO

Within the Social Media World – the users have spoken, and they have voted Elon Musk to step down as CEO of Twitter.  Whether or not Musk relinquishes that power remains to be seen, but now everyone can wager on who they think will take over as ” Chief Twit ” and there are some intriguing names on the list.

BetOnline has released odds on who will eventually be named the next Twitter CEO and for good measure added odds on who they think may be the next owner of Twitter should Elon decide to sell.

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Twitter Odds

Next Twitter CEO                     

David Sacks                     3-1

Sriram Krishnan             4-1

Lex Fridman                    4-1

Jason Calacanis              5-1

Kayvon Beykpour          6-1

Kevin Systrom                8-1

Alexis Ohanian             12-1

Keith Coleman             12-1

John Legere                  14-1

Larry Page                     14-1

Tom Anderson             18-1

Sergey Brin                   25-1

Evan Clark Williams     33-1

Matt Taibbi                   33-1

Donald Trump Jr.         50-1

Joe Rogan                      66-1

Snoop Dogg                  75-1

Jack Dorsey                 100-1

Next to Purchase Twitter                      

Michael Bloomberg             3-1

Mark Zuckerberg                  4-1

Mark Cuban                           5-1

Rupert Murdoch                   8-1

Joseph Tsai                            9-1

Jeff Bezos                             10-1

Warren Buffet                     11-1

Steve Ballmer                      12-1

Bill Gates                              14-1

Dan Gilbert                          16-1

Walton Family                     16-1

Larry Page                            18-1

Prince Alwaleed bin Talal  20-1

Richard Branson                 20-1

Sergey Brin                          20-1

Carlos Slim Helu                  25-1

Larry Ellison                         25-1

Phil Knight                            50-1

Donald Trump Sr.                66-1

Kanye West                          75-1

Kim Kardashian                  100-1

Oprah Winfrey                   100-1

Will Elon Musk sell Twitter?     

No                     -180

Yes                   +140

Will the SEC charge or fine Elon Musk in 2023?  

No                    -120

Yes                   -120

Tesla stock price at close on 1/31/23          

Over               143.5                   

Under             143.5                 

For the latest Musk and Twitter odds all updated in real-time, please visit: BetOnline Odds Page

Read our Review of BetOnline and See Why You Should Have Them in Your Arsenal

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