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NCAAF Betting – What will the Quarterback Class of 2013 Look like for the NFL?

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The college football betting world is having a hard time finding a consensus number one pick for the 2013 NFL draft. Most people are pointing at Notre Dame linebacker Manti Te’o as the possible number one overall pick for 2013, while others think that Geno Smith will go first overall to the Kansas City Chiefs. As the legal online sports betting websites struggle to figure out which players deserve top honors in the upcoming NFL draft, let’s take a look at the quarterbacks that everyone will be talking about, for one reason or another.


Geno Smith – West Virginia


The betting sites concede that it really is a perfect storm for the Kansas City Chiefs in the first round of the draft. The Chiefs need, and want, a quarterback that is mobile and has a great arm. Geno Smith is not going to be another RGIII or Cam Newton, but he comes close enough for the Kansas City Chiefs. Unless the Chiefs get the deal of the century from another team for the first overall pick, look for Smith to go to Kansas City.


Matt Barkley – USC


Matt Barkley is now regretting his decision to come back and play his senior year at USC. At the end of last season, the entire NFL was high on Barkley and his chances to be a top pick in the 2012 draft were high. He may have been able to go third behind RGIII and Andrew Luck, or he may have given Washington something to think about when the second overall pick came up. But now that Barkley has gone through a final college season and shown just how much he really needs a good supporting cast around him, Barkley can expect to fall out of the top 10 picks.


Tyler Wilson – Arkansas


Who? Tyler Wilson can be the 2012 version of Russell Wilson, no relation. Tyler Wilson has a strong arm and he is extremely smart in the pocket. The problem that faces Wilson is that few NFL teams with the top 10 picks in the 2013 draft actually need a quarterback. Wilson will go later in the first round, but he has the potential to make an impact in his rookie season.


Collin Klein – Kansas State


The football betting experts understand how good Klein was as a college quarterback, but pro scouts are not sure that Klein’s skills will translate to the NFL. Klein has great feet, but he does not have the arm strength that pro scouts would like to see. More than likely, Klein will fall to the second round but with the potential to be a starter right away.


Landry Jones – Oklahoma


Landry Jones is another talented college quarterback that scouts do not think will translate to the big time. Jones has great leadership skills, and that may help him to make an NFL roster. But his diminutive physical skills remind too many people of Colt McCoy.


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