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The college football betting experts were comfortable with the notion that Alabama would be playing in the BCS title game for most of the regular season. Then Alabama started to show cracks in its armor that had the experts questioning whether the Tide could finish the season undefeated. When the game with Texas A&M started to roll around, the betting odds on the Tide started to slip. After the game was over and the Tide had lost, most sports betting experts had started to write the championship obituary for Alabama.


Now that the Crimson Tide is no longer considered a serious contender for the BCS title, things seemed to have shifted in college football. When there is a solid number one team in the driver’s seat, everything seems to follow suit. The other teams battle for the number two spot and the top team keeps on winning. But the Crimson Tide has fallen from the top spot and now it seems to be up for grabs. The problem is that the online sports betting experts cannot make up their minds on who is number one now.


The BCS has Kansas State listed as number one and the AP poll has Oregon as the top team in the country. In the end, it is the BCS’ list that counts, but disparity among the rankings can cause a lot of confusion. The one thing that the BCS and AP can agree on is that Oregon and Kansas State are the top two teams in the country. When the online football betting starts for the BCS title game, no one really cares which team is ranked number and which team is number two. All that matters is who is playing the game.


What about Notre Dame? At 10-0, the Fighting Irish is the only other undefeated team in college football. It has been a long time since Notre Dame played for the national title and it would be fun to see the Irish in the big game in January. Unfortunately for Notre Dame, its last two games of the season really do not give it much of a shot at sneaking into one of the top spot. Even if Notre Dame blows out USC in the last game of the season, Oregon has two ranked teams left on its schedule. If Oregon beats Stanford and Oregon State in the last two games of the season, then it would be hard to knock Oregon out of the top spot.


However, Kansas State is within Notre Dame’s reach. A big win by Notre Dame over USC at the end of the season and the Irish very well could be the second ranked team in the country. If Kansas State loses its last game of the year against Texas and Notre Dame finishes the season 12-0, then Notre Dame is in the championship game.


The BCS free for all will be fun to watch and it will come right down to the wire.


Read more about the BCS standings and Notre Dames’ chances for a title shot.



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