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By: The Frisco Kid

Week 3 of the NCAA Football Season Has Some Dandies

Week 3 of this 2018 NCAA football season promises to be another dandy. So far-so spectacular! This college football season has opened up to be one of the better ones in a very long time. The competition from the Top 25 has been fierce and even the non-Top 25 has been very good.

There have certainly been some notable upsets along the way and maybe even some lesser thought-of upsets as well. Find a great online bookie and start winning big money on college football.

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# 23 Arizona State Sun Devils:

Herm Edwards is one of the new coaches making big waves this season. He has made good on his promises so far. When Herm took over the Arizona State program, he found a team that was in transition. Edwards found a group of young athletes that had not reached their full potential.

Things are changing very quickly in Tempe! Herm is a no-nonsense kind of coach that simply won’t give in to excuses. His players are prepared, and Herm is a guy who commands respect, after all.

He won the AFC East in 2002 as head coach of the New York Jets! That’s saying something! That’s a story within a story and deserves merit on it’s own two legs. If anybody can make a program special, it would have to be Herm Edwards.

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Listen, we realize that a win over the University of Texas at San Antonio is what it is. The UTSA is a program that will never expand. It’s a program that will never be any kind of contender on any kind of level. It’s still football and the players must play and the coaches much coach.

That’s exactly what Herm Edwards and his players did in the opening week. The Sun Devils ran rough shod over UTSA by a final of 49-7. QB Manny Wilkins threw four touchdowns. This is what Herm had to say:

“It was sloppy,” Edwards said. “I didn’t like I what I was watching a lot of times. The big plays are one thing but you play against good football teams you want to have sustained drives.”

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Week two of the Herm era was even better. It was not only a fantastic win for the program but a statement win for this team. The Michigan State Spartans came rolling into town with the #15 spot in the country. They were held to 13 points.

Manny Wilkins came through when it mattered with a 27 yard TD in the 4th quarter. He ended the day with 380 yards passing. The offense was great and the defense was stellar in one of the biggest wins for the program in a very long time.

Arizona State Sun Devils vs. San Diego State Aztecs:

Rashaad Penny has left the building for the Aztecs. That didn’t seem to matter to Juwan Washington when he ran roughshod over Sacramento for 156 yards. It led the way to a 28-14 victory. Now, that was Sacramento and Sacramento is not exactly Alabama!

In week one the Aztecs held their own against Stanford during the first half. They fizzled in the second half and went on to lose in a 31-10 final.

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This week they are facing another “real” opponent in Arizona State. You can bet this Sun Devils team believes in themselves and their ability to play at this level. Pound for pound, the Sun Devils are a better team. Their run defense will get the job done to get this victory.

Other games to keep an eye on:

#5 Oklahoma @ Iowa State— This game does not have the earmarks of an upset! Last year it happened and now the cookie jar is closed. Don’t believe the hype! Oklahoma will have their way in this game.

Kent State @ #11 Penn State— Want to see a barn burning blowout? This is the game to watch. Penn State will cover -35 by a mile. Jump on this one!

#21 Miami @ Toledo— Another barn-burner that will score a ton of points. Vegas has this total wrong and this one should easily find its way over 57.

SMU @ #19 Michigan—Harbaugh is still furious over the loss at Notre Dame. He will keep his foot on the gas all game long against a terrible SMU. He feels the need to show every committee that he can blow teams out. This will be a huge blowout, not even kind of close!

Have fun this weekend and remember the goal; win big money. Now is the time to taker the bookie to school and collect on Monday!


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