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NBA Weekend – SCOTUS Legalizes Sports Gambline & More

Nba Weekend Playoffs

NBA Weekend – Celtics vs. Cavs – Rockets vs. Warriors

The NBA Weekend action is going to be intense. The Boston Celtics have drawn a line in the sand. They have said to LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers “we are not afraid of you and we will not be intimidated by you”. What they did in the first two games was not a miracle. It was not some amazing sports moment that will go down in the laurels of history.

What it was, was hard work. The Celtics believe in themselves as a unit and they trust each other. LeBron James believes the opposite. He has a belief system that says a win must go through him. Anything that is positive must be a derivative of his ambitions.

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LeBron is the best player in basketball and nobody is disputing this. What is disputable are his motives. Hold up, back up… his motives are not disputable, they are undisputable. He is a “me” guy. If he is not the man, then he cares nothing about winning or losing.

He must be the man and anything that his teammates do on the floor is unimportant.

This will not win a championship and it has not. When LeBron won his championships he knew that he was “one of the guys”. He knew that he was the man but he knew the role that he had to play. What has become important to LeBron is legacy, status, importance, and triple doubles.

Winning means nothing to him at this point. He could care less if Kevin Love or JR Smith ever wins again.

Will the Cavaliers get swept this NBA Weekend? Absolutely not, stupid question, next…

Look for the Cav’s to come out blazing and in Cleveland. This is way too predictable. They will open up this game shooting the lights out and the Celtics will be flat. The Cav’s could even be up by 15 or more at the half.

Then the Celtics will find their defense and make it close and come within 4 or 5 and most likely lose the game. This is the NBA that we have all come to know and love. Find a sportsbook that gives great prop odds and one that gives live and dynamic lines.

This game will be worth betting the quarters and by all means, the second half. Call your favorite bookmaker and get in.

The Rockets did what they were supposed to do in game two. Game one they were just overwhelmed. They were dominated by the Warriors in game one and it was very ugly. The Warriors were, Well,  the Warriors. They did what they do best and that is go 10 deep and rotate them well.

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The Rockets now face going to Golden State and needing to regain home court advantage. The question is, Can it be done? Yes, it can be. James Harden will show up big in game three. Look for prop odds on “how many points Harden will score” and take the over!

Houston most likely will not get blown out in game three. There is no reason they can’t win any game that is played if they play team basketball. They have won in Golden State already this season and they can win there again.

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Don’t think for one second that this series will be over in five. This is not going to happen and it will most likely go to a seventh and deciding game. No matter what happens, the fun is just beginning. This weekend is the time to win some serious money.

Call your online gambling softwear provider and get the money in so that you can get paid.

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