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NBA Odds: Thunder Face Doubt as Lakers Emerge as West Contenders

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The Oklahoma City Thunder came up just short of a ring last season, falling dramatically to the Miami Heat in the 2012 NBA Finals. This year, despite the season of growth under the belt and the continued development of superstars Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook, their NBA odds have taken a hit. That’s what happens when the Western Conference gets a whole lot wilder.


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Although they’d spent much of the past few seasons trending upwards thanks to the impressive young core that general manager Sam Presti has assembled in OKC, the Thunder will have to give themselves a reality check when the 2012-13 campaign kicks off. Their path to the Finals may have been relatively hazard-free in the spring of 2012, but this year there’s a new contender in their path, one suddenly complemented by the likes of Steve Nash and Dwight Howard.


The Los Angeles Lakers are no stranger to the top of the NBA moneyline, but just when it appeared as though age was starting to take its toll on them they’ve re-emerged as primary options on the basketball futures. While the Lakers have 11/4 odds of winning the NBA championship, the Thunder – the once proud next generation of dynasty-hood has just 17/4 odds.


Durant and company definitely failed to capitalize on what would have been an historic victory over the Heat in the Finals last season, but don’t let the media attention surrounding the Lakers this season cloud just how deadly the young team has become. Bet accordingly.


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