NBA Betting: Wayward Pacers Face Pivotal Moment in 2014-2015

Betting On The 2015 Nba Rookie Seasons







The Miami Heat regressed from perennial playoff contenders to a fringe Eastern Conference power

shrouded in mystery, but they’re not the only team whose NBA odds took a hit during the offseason.

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This time last year it looked as though the Indiana Pacers were the NBA’s answer to the Miami Heat

dynasty. While the Big Three may no longer be a threat, they weren’t exactly dethroned by Indy.

After a disappointing collapse in 2013-2014, the Pacers are just 18/1 to win the NBA championship in

  1. Only time will tell if Roy Hibbert will be as ineffective as he looked last season, and if the loss of

Lance Stepenson will hurt as much as some suggest.

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