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NBA Betting News – Knicks Fire Coach David Fizdale

New York Knicks fire Coach David Fizdale last Friday. After the announcement, several coaches gave their support to Fizdale. Also, they said that the problem with the Knicks was not the coaching staff.

San Antonio Coach Gregg Popovich told NBA news reporters said that Fizdale is a talented coach with an excellent pedigree. It is ridiculous for the organization to think that the young coach can fix what’s wrong with the team in a short time. Popovich added that Fizdale would come out of it as a better coach.

The Knicks had six different coaches since 2010. There was a time when the team asked Steve Kerr to take the job. However, he went to the Golden State Warriors, and the rest was history. If he signed with the Knicks, he might be in the same position as Fizdale right now.

Knicks Fire Coach Fizdale

Nba Betting News – Knicks Fire Coach David Fizdale

Kerr told pay per head bookie solution insiders that he thinks Fizdale is a great coach. However, he knows that their position in a team depends on several factors, including the strength of the group and the organization.

Miami coach Eric Spoelstra said that Fizdale wasn’t given enough time to turn things around in New York. Fizdale used to be Spoelstra’s assist coach in Miami, where he won two championships. Also, he said that he was disappointed about it.

Spoelstra said that the Knicks had an excellent coaching staff. However, they need time to turn things around. It was unfortunate for Fizdale that the organization gave up on him because of the bad start to the season.

Just like learning how to become a bookie in college, rebuilding a team in the NBA takes much time. Also, it requires smart decisions, such as not giving up franchise players like Kristapp Porzingis. Although Fizdale is responsible for some of the blame, his coaching is not the only reason the Knicks are at the bottom of the Eastern Conference today.

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