NBA Betting – Boston Tries to Even Home and Home with Philadephia Saturday Night

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Philadelphia 76ers @ Boston Celtics – Saturday December 8, 2012 7:30PM EST


The online sportsbook experts expect veteran teams like San Antonio and Boston to struggle at this early point in the season. The veterans on both of these teams understand the necessity to conserve energy during the regular season to help make a good playoff run. The Celtics may be cutting things a little close with a 10-8 record, but Boston is also in the extremely competitive Atlantic Division. It is entirely possible that every team with the exception of Toronto will make the playoffs from the Atlantic Division. To the Celtics, it is more important to make the playoffs than to win the division.


The Philadelphia 76ers are finding out why the Lakers let Andrew Bynum go. The sports betting world is still scratching its head over Bynum’s bowling injury explanation. The fact is that Philadelphia gave up a little chunk of its future to bring in Bynum, and he has not played a game this season. Despite not playing in any games, Andrew Bynum is still finding ways to make headlines from the press conference podium. As the rest of the 76ers struggle to keep the team competitive until Bynum returns, Bynum himself is not really helping the situation at all.


Boston Celtics


To the untrained eye, the Boston Celtics look like an average basketball team that will struggle to make the playoffs. To the sport betting online experts, the Celtics is doing the exact same thing it did last year prior to making a run to the Eastern Conference Finals. The Celtics have a solid playmaker in Rajon Rondo and a consistent scorer in Paul Pierce. The Celtics will work just hard enough to keep itself close in the standings. But once the playoffs start, the Celtics will kick into high gear. Boston gives a little bit of a sample of what is in store by sweeping this home and home series against the 76ers.


Philadelphia 76ers


Some of the sportsbook experts in Philadelphia had doubts about giving up a significant portion of the 76ers’ future for someone as unstable as Andrew Bynum. It turns out the Bynum is making headlines in Philadelphia, but he is doing so at the expense of the 76ers’ organization. His bizarre injury explanations and his refusal to play due to injury is making the big deal that the 76ers made about him the day he signed with the team look like the beginning of a nightmare. It is affecting the team in more ways than one.


The Bottom Line


The Philadelphia 76ers were a decent, young team before the trade. If Bynum had actually decided to grow up and act like an adult, then the 76ers would have seen significant improvement because of the trade. But Bynum has hurt the 76ers and that is something that the Boston Celtics will be more than happy to take advantage of.


Read more about the Celtics and how its veteran leadership is looking forward to another deep playoff run.


Pick: Boston Celtics

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