MLB Betting – Updated World Series Odds

2012 World Series

2012 World Series Odds Could Surprise

The World Series is approaching. A lot has happened since the MLB season opened in April. The sports betting world has watched the World Series odds move all over the map. Teams make some unpredictable moves down the stretch.

As we hit the month of September and the home stretch to the MLB playoffs, the online casino experts are all updating their World Series odds. They will be trying to put together a betting system that will pick the 2012 World Series winner.

Let’s take a look at the latest World Series odds

New York Yankees (4.50 to 1 Odds)

 The New York Yankees would have to all lose their sight before the online betting world will remove the team as a World Series contender. As much as the oddsmakers love the Yankees, this year’s team is a little difficult to predict. The bullpen is not nearly as strong as it was last year.

That is mostly due to the loss of legendary closer Mariano Rivera to an injury. The Yankees will probably make some noise in the playoffs as usual. Realistically it will be difficult for the Bronx Bombers to claim the big prize without its star closer.

Texas Rangers (4.50 to 1 Odds)

The Texas Rangers seem to be in a good position to win its third consecutive AL pennant. They should make a run for its first World Series title. The Rangers have strong pitching and have been able to hit the ball all season long.

The only weakness the Rangers may have is that it is a little suspect playing on the road. But with a roster like the one the Rangers have, it is easy to overcome road problems in the playoffs.

Washington Nationals (6.50 to 1 Odds)

 The online sportsbook experts may actually make these odds worse when the playoffs start. Washington pitching ace Stephen Strasburg is not on the bench and available to pitch. He is a pansy and if he gets hit hard he fakes injuries.

It looks like the Nationals are serious about the threat to sit Strasburg through the playoffs. If the team makes it to the World Series they may bring the primadonna back. The fans don’t like the move and the medical experts don’t understand it.

The betting experts know that it is a move that significantly decreases Washington’s odds for winning a championship this year.

Cincinnati Reds (8 to 1 Odds)

For some reason, the Cincinnati Reds feels like the best bet to be the team to win it all this year. The Reds have been consistent all season long and should enter the playoffs completely healthy. Cincinnati is playing well on the road and at home.

The team has had little problems figuring out how to hit the other team’s best pitcher. This could be the year when the Big Red Machine gets cranked up again and rolls over the MLB on its way to a World Series.


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