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The online betting experts expect that Washington Nationals general manager Mike Rizzo will be hearing the name Stephen Strasburg in his sleep for the next several years. Rizzo is the executive that decided to sit Washington ace pitcher Stephen Strasburg prior to the playoffs to protect Strasburg’s injured shoulder. Strasburg had Tommy John surgery last year and came back this year to give a Cy Young performance. He is easily considered to be the best pitcher on the Nationals’ staff and he is not pitching in the playoffs.


The online casino experts had been questioning Rizzo’s logic from the very beginning. There is no evidence which shows that resting an arm that has already recovered from Tommy John surgery helps the player pitch any longer than if he had just pitched a full season his first year back. Who’s to say that Strasburg won’t fall down a flight of stairs and end his pitching career that way? There is also not guarantee that Strasburg won’t reinjure his repaired arm next year. Does that mean the Rizzo should sit Strasburg for next season as well?


The legal online sports betting experts like to look at situations like this in the context of the team’s performance. A baseball team is never guaranteed a playoff spot, no matter how good the team is. Even if a team does make it into the playoffs two years in a row, there is no guarantee that the team will find more success in the subsequent year than it had in the previous year. In other words, if the Nationals really needed Strasburg to win the team’s first World Series this season because the team will never make the playoffs again, then resting Strasburg is a very bad move.


To be fair, no one can see into the future. Rizzo’s faith in his team may be rewarded and the team may make the playoffs again next year, with Strasburg pitching, and it may win a World Series title. But what if it doesn’t?


In order for a team to have a shot at a World Series title, it needs at least two high quality starting pitchers. The betting sites watched as Gio Gonzalez and Stephen Strasburg propelled the Nationals to the NL East pennant. The Nationals have a lot of good, young arms on its roster, but there is no one that can take the place of Strasburg. The hole created by the benching of Strasburg cannot be filled, and that means that the Nationals cannot realize its World Series dreams.


Is it fair to put the entire World Series fate on the shoulders of one player? Of course it is not. The rest of the team needs to perform as well. But top players are paid big money to perform in big games. Without Stephen Strasburg, the Nationals are reduced to relying on Gio Gonzalez, and that gap is too much for the Nationals to make up.


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