Meet Pornstar Bonnie Rotten: Play in Drafter’s Bonnie Rotten’s Baseball Derby + Free 7 Day Brazzers Membership!!!

DFS at Draftster

Bonnie Rotten's Baseball Derby

The worlds #1 adult film star has teamed up with Draftster to give someone a fantasy dream come true with Bonnie Rotten’s Baseball Derby. Draftster is giving out $12,500 in cash prizes and the winner an all expenses paid trip for two to Los Angeles to party with Bonnie Rotten front row at a MLB game. Talk about an experience! With your $25 entry fee you are put in the running to have a “rotten” good time in the City of Angels with everyone’s favorite adult entertainer as well as $2,500 in cold hard cash! Bummed that you didn’t get in on any of the prizes?!? Don’t worry we have you covered. Every user that enters will get a 7-day membership to Brazzers!

Time is of the essence! Bonnie Rotten’s Baseball Derby is in the lobby and waiting for you to start drafting your 9-player ball team. Contest goes live on Thursday July 2nd! Step up to the plate and make your dreams come true.

Draftster. OWN your TV time.

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