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LeBron vs. Ibrahimovic Bookie Update – James Said No Way He’ll Ever Stick to Sports

One of the hottest topics in sports today is the LeBron vs. Ibrahimovic beef on social media. Zlatan Ibrahimovic criticized LeBron James’ social activism. On the other hand, James said that the soccer superstar’s comments were hypocritical.

Ibrahimovic said that it doesn’t look good when James and other famous people get involved in politics. On the other hand, James said that Ibrahimovic once said that he felt some racism while playing in Sweden because of his last name.

According to online bookie software reports, James defended his political comments. He said that he speaks from an educated mind because he does his homework.

LeBron vs. Ibrahimovic

Based on sports handicapping news, Ibrahimovic said he suffered from undercover racism while playing in Sweden due to his Bosnian roots. His last name didn’t sound Swedish. He added that if his surname were Svenson or Andersson, the media would defend him even he robbed a bank.

On the other hand, James said he would not shut his mouth when things are wrong. He would preach about equality and his people. According to Price Per Head Sportsbook sources, James is vocal about social injustice, systematic voter suppression, and racism.

James said he wants to be the voice of those who can’t speak for themselves. Also, he would use his platform to shed light on what’s going on across the globe. Thus, James would not just stick to sports. He said that he understands how powerful his voice is.

James praised former WNBA player Renee Montgomery. She became a part-owner of the Atlanta Dream after the WNBA put pressure on former Senator Kelly Loeffler to sell her shares of the team. Loeffler opposed players’ racial justice programs last summer.

James called Montgomery a beautiful black woman. Also, James credited Celtics Jaylen Brown, New Orleans Saints’ Alvin Kamara, and Kansas City’s Patrick Mahomes for their commitment to fighting social justice issues.

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