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LeBron Questions Silver over China Issue

Tensions are high between the NBA and China that many prominent people within the league have given their opinions about it. Commissioner Adam Silver said that the NBA will not regulate free speech. Recently, LeBron questions Silver over the league’s handling of the China controversy.

The Warriors’ Steve Kerr and Stephen Curry didn’t want to comment about the issue. Coach Gregg Popovich applauded Silver’s response as China is bringing back access to the NBA for its citizens.

James Harden issued an apology to China before he stated that he was staying away from the issue last Sunday. However, the most popular player in the league hasn’t given his opinion on the topic. Instead, LeBron questions Silver during a meeting with the members of the Brooklyn Nets and LA Lakers before the teams’ preseason games in Shanghai.

LeBron Questions Silver

Lebron Questions Silver Over China IssueAccording to bookie pay per head sports reports, LeBron expressed his concerns about players placed in a position of representing the league overseas before the league makes its stance on the issue. LeBron added that the league, players, and teams should have a united stance.

LeBron gave his statement in front of everyone in the room that included players from both teams, according to a per head sportsbook report. Also, a reliable source said that Silver listened to everyone’s opinions.

LeBron, Kyrie Irving, and Kyle Kuzma led a players-only meeting after Commissioner Silver left the room. Players asked Silver If the NBA will fine Morey for his tweet. In fact, players argued that if a player did it, the player will pay a hefty fine.

After the meeting, players refrain from commenting on the China issue. In fact, Rockets’ public relations shut down a CNN reporter when she asked Russell Westbrook and Harden about their thoughts on the issue.

On Monday, Lebron said it was a sensitive situation. He felt that hit was something he doesn’t have enough information about. That’s why he is not talking about it. The best sportsbooks felt that LeBron is trying hard not to lose money from Chinese sponsors and fans.

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