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LeBron James Retweets Sportsbook

Nothing is going right for LeBron James in recent weeks. His team, LA Lakers, didn’t make it to the playoffs. Just over the weekend, the NBA superstar probably got in trouble with the league for retweeting something from an offshore sportsbook.

James retweeted a video posted by MyBookie, an offshore sportsbook based in Curacao. The video showed LA Angels baseball player Mike Trout walking to the home plate. Trout made sports news when he signed a huge 12-year contract with the Angels worth $426.5 million. In fact, it is the largest contract in all of sports.

It is uncertain whether the offshore sportsbook paid LeBron for the Twitter post. However, the damage was already done. The post got 56,000 likes and 7,800 retweets. Also, it is not clear what the NBA will do about James’ social media post. The best pay per head can only dream of getting a free shout out from the NBA superstar.

LeBron James, Offshore Sportsbook, and the NBA

In January, the NBA said it will reinforce its gambling policy. In fact, it is the league’s attempt to ensure the integrity of the games in the age of sports betting. Also, the league wants to educate players and fans However, the NBA hasn’t made any actions against the basketball superstar as of press time.

Lebron James Retweets Sportsbook

The NBA wants to emulate the English Premier League when it comes to their sports betting policies. In addition, they want to promote responsible gambling as sports betting become more popular these days.

LeBron James has more than 42 million followers on Twitter. The single Twitter post has a wide reach across the globe. Also, it can help increase the profile of any brand featured in his social media post. It is like a seal of approval for the sportsbook, which has a better endorsement than sportsbooks pay per head reviews.

According to sportsbook pay per head experts, James should make sure he is dealing with legal entities. Whether it is a paid post or not, James must check if the company is a legit one or not. Random retweets can legitimize the brand in the eyes of his fans.

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