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LeBron James Leads Lakers to Win a Crucial Game Against Knicks

Lebron James leads Los Angeles Lakers to win a 129-123 crucial overtime game against the New York Knicks on Tuesday, Jan 31st. Per the Pay Per Head sportsbook, he also records his first triple-double of the season.

According to gambling software reviews and news sites, James has made history at Madison Square Garden as the fourth oldest to record a triple-double, finishing with 28 points, 11 assists, and ten rebounds. He trails Jason Kidd in the fourth place by only a single triple-double with his current total of 106 triple-doubles of all time.

LeBron James Leads Lakers to Win

Lebron James Leads Lakers To Win A Crucial Game Against Knicks

Despite achieving a personal milestone with his triple-double, James is still far from being done. With a total of 38,299 points in regular-season play, LeBron is still on the verge of passing Kareem Abdul Jabbar’s career points. However, he is still 89 points short of breaking a record. Thus, he still has a long way to go.

Aside from this, LeBron also became the fourth all-time player in assists. Entering the season at number seven, he made his 10,336th assist on a Thomas Bryant dunk in the fourth quarter. Wherein it surpasses the records of Mark Jackson and Steve Nash with 10,334 and 10,335, respectively.

Following the suspension from the games and an injury, James made his first appearance in Maddison Square Garden in three years memorable. Fantasy game players enthusiasts who follow sports handicapping forum are enthralled by his performance.

Savoring the Victory

The Los Angeles Lakers are continuously struggling to come off-season, but they are still determined to have a grip on the trophy. Although their record is only 13th in the West with a 24-28 record, they have ended a two-game losing streak. LeBron still finds savoring their victory at the moment.

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