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JAZZSports Releases Ground-breaking Esports Betting Platform

Jazz Casino &Amp; Sportsbook

Platform to put JAZZSports at Forefront of Esports

Directly from: Odds&News Editor’s Desk

It is with great pleasure and elation that JAZZ Sportsbook, Casino and Racebook announced the recent release of their brand-new & 100% original Esports betting platform.

Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s

As our readers may already know, JAZZSports is a leading sports-betting brand, with more than 20 years-experience in the very competitive odds niche, and there is a very good reason why they’re stayed relevant throughout all these years: They stay on top of the game.

It takes only brief look of their brand-new and wholly exclusive Esports (video game competition) platform to understand why these guys remain one of the must-see references for quality online action. The sheer awesomeness of their vast -yet user-friendly- betting interface deserves something of a review, and heck! Let us do just that 😉

The Features of the Esports Platform

The journey begins right where it should: at the initial JAZZSports interface. Right off the bat, and once having supplied your login credentials, players will find a new section on the top area titled Esports (can’t get any more obvious than that!). Upon hitting it, you will find a pristine looking and easy-to-grasp betting terminal, possessing all the basic and other not-so-common features.

First off, and located at the left-hand side of your screen, you will find a listing of the current active matches, and by active, we mean LIVE matches. That’s right! JAZZSports offers Live Betting on Esports.

Now, Live-betting isn’t the only thing that’s awesome about this new feature: You can actually watch your preferred Esports match live, and, with the best possible streaming quality. Just hit the PLAY button on the upper tab appearing above the particular match, and the screen will immediately trigger a video rendition of the duel.

Scroll just a little bit further down and you will spot five other menu options, namely Games, Outrights, Results, Pending Bets and Graded Bets.

While the last three choices are somewhat self-explanatory, the first two ones may require a little bit of a narrowing-down of sorts.

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By clicking on Games, you will be shown all the available Esports games for you to bet on, including both Live and upcoming matches, just make sure to check out the starting time for each match, as this is of extreme importance. If you happen to be new to the Esports field, you may be unaware of the fact that Esports bouts often occur in sequence, which means that, while the first match may take place on the early day hours, its second, third or however many more rehashes will likely take place on the same day, so, it is fundamental you know exactly WHICH game # you are betting on.

Want to bet on either game? Just click on the betting price for your team, and the JAZZSports betslip will appear to your right, allowing you to set the amount of your bet and submit it.

The Outrights option will lead you to the Proposition bet area of the Esports page. Here you will view the available exotic plays available on all featured games, including alternatives Most Banned Champion (for particular competitions), To Win Odds, Player with most Kills -in a competition-, Highest Total Kills in a in a single map and many others.

There are many more awesome perks to this newest of JAZZSports excellent features, but we want to leave the extra excitement for your timely uncovering.

Make sure to open up your own account with JAZZSports so you can enjoy all the one-of-a-kind player benefits only these online-action moguls can offer. Meanwhile, keep coming back to Odds&News for more relevant gaming news.  Until Next Time!

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