Betting on NBA2K at JazzSports

Bet on NBA2K Games to Fill a Void at JazzSports

Monday – April 13th, 2020

JazzSports has decided to step up and fill a void for many sports gamblers with some action from NBA2K. With the view of the recent surge of interest in virtual sports, and the extension of the COVID-19 quarantine measures, online betting powerhouse JAZZSports has officially announced the launch of its own NBA2K betting platform, which will include a lineup of daily PC-to-PC matches -streamed directly via Twitch through JAZZSports – and the corresponding assortment of betting odds.

Starting today (4/13/2020) players will be able to find 7-8 NBA2K-simulated games on a daily basis, playout out throughout the day and evening, between all 30 NBA teams.

JAZZSports’ NBA2K Betting will feature:

  • 7-8 daily matches (PC vs PC), laid out in succession, every 2 hours.
  • A wide array of betting odds, including full-game odds, halves, quarters, and every other type of basketball betting line.
  • Each one of the NBA’s 30 teams will play against each other once, and, at the end of the season, the top 4 teams from each conference will move on to the Playoffs, in the hopes of winning the NBA2K title.
  • NBA stars such as Stephen Curry, Klay Thomson, Kevin Duran and Zion Williamson will all be available for play with their respective teams.

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JazzSports NBA2K Rules and Conditions:

  • All NBA2K-held matches will be streamed via Twitch, and will be made available for active users of JAZZ Sports. The lineup of matches can be found under the Simulation Games tab of JAZZ Sports extensive betting board.
  • Full Realism: each and every NBA2K match will be played realistically, with minute allocations amongst the starting lineups and bench. Players get fatigued, can get fouled or subbed out.
  • Each game will be streamed live via JAZZSports’ Twitch channel. Players will also have access to game replays, or past games within 7 days of game time.
  • Each game will be played a total lime lapse of 48 minutes, split into quarter periods of 12 minutes.
  • The matches will feature player injuries; however, any injured player will return in full health for the following match.
    Our playoffs will matchup the 4 best teams in the West against the 4 best teams in the East in the 1st Round (E1 vs W4, E2 vs W3, E3 vs W2, E4 vs W1), in a Best-of-3 Series format.
    In the 2nd Round, winners will be reseeded based on regular season records. They will then be matched in a best-of-5 series. The finals will be played between the winners in a best-of-7 series.

CONTACT INFO: Players can reach out to JAZZSports support for more information on the special NBA2K Odds via telephone toll free @ #855-910-3888, via email @ csd@jazzsports.ag, or via Live Chat.

Please visit JAZZSports for additional information.

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