Is it Tebow Time in New York? SportsBettingOnline.ag Opens Betting on Whether Tebow Will Replace Sanchez as Starting QB

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Popular online sportsbook offers odds on Tebow taking the starting QB role from Sanchez

San Jose, Costa Rica– October 2, 2012 – Is it Tebow Time again? As sports fans come to terms with Sanchez’s poor performance over the last three weeks, it’s the question nobody can stop asking. Today, they can ask the same question to one online sportsbook and make money in the process.

SportsBettingOnline.ag has opened up prop betting on whether Tim Tebow will be named the starting QB, with a Yes bet listed at +140.

“Jets backup QB Tim Tebow hasn’t thrown an incomplete pass all season and Jets fans want to know when he’ll replace a poorly performing March Sanchez as the starter. A lot of sports bettors believe Tebow has the power to energize the Jets in a way that Sanchez can’t. Players seem to rally around him, and you don’t have to look far for proof. After taking over the job in Denver in 2011, he led the Broncos to the playoffs. It’s time for him to do the same for the Jets, but one man stands in the way.” stated Dave Johnson, head oddsmaker of SportsBettingOnline.ag.

Can Tebow Take the Starting Job?

Online sports bettors can now bet on whether Tim Tebow will take over the starting QB role from Mark Sanchez. The Yes bet is listed at +140, and a No bet is listed at -180.

To win the Yes bet, Tim Tebow must be named starting QB for the Jets by head coach Rex Ryan. He must take the first snap of any regular season game.

Johnson notes that Jets fans are growing tired of waiting for Sanchez to step up and perform. On Sunday, the Jets were blown away by the San Francisco 49ers. Mark Sanchez complete just 13 of 29 passes for 103 yards. Combined with no TDs and one interception, he had a passer rating of 39.9.

“We’ve heard a lot of booing with the replacement refs, but nothing compares to what we saw at MetLife stadium, with scores of Jets fans booing their starting QB,” noted Johnson. “We think it’s only a matter of time before Rex Ryan responds to those boos and gives the home crowd a reason to cheer again.

Feel ready for some NFL action? More information on SportsBettingOnline’s Tim Tebow prop bet plus the site’s famous 10% cash back offer can be found at SportsBettingOnline.ag.

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