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I am writing this review for Interserver.net to let everyone know how the service is. I know there are many hosting companies out there and many of them are very good. I can tell you one thing. I have not regretted making this move around a month ago. I moved four websites to Interserver and have not regretted it. Two get heavy traffic and two don’t get much traffic at all.

I will tell you; I didn’t want to move hosting companies. I was with my old hosting company for 4 years and was very happy with it. I will not tell the name of it because I don’t want any bad press to get back to them that is unwarranted. This company did nothing wrong to lose my business. Interserver.net just had a deal I couldn’t pass up, along with a $5 a month price increase on my old hosting.

I decided to make the jump after looking over all their options and they offer very good prices and have virtually all the hosting options you could hope for. With the prices and packages, you get a lot of bells and whistles free that are add-ons or not offered by other companies.

Interserver Web Hosting And Vps

Options of Interserver.net Seem Endless

You also get more RAM for your server than you can at other sites for a cheaper price. An added bonus is the support and tips page where they have thousands of articles and videos to guide you through virtually any issue you may have.

They have the most cost-efficient WordPress hosting I have seen, especially if you pay for multiple months in advance. If you need more than one site on a server you can upgrade and get multiple sites for just a few dollars more. I moved one of my sites to the managed WordPress hosting. You can only host one site. That site, allinonereviews.com is humming like a sewing maching. My other three sites are on one server and we are only paying about a 1/3rd cheaper a month for a nice server size that will hold all your databases and resources.

If you do have issues like I did with peak times with the numbers of processes at one time. They have upgrades that are only available to current subscribers that are not advertised on the website. You can get your own IP address, added memory, resources and other upgrades that are very affordable. Once the upgrades were in place my sites have been running seamlessly.

Interserver Web Hosting And Vps

Migration to Interserver.net

Now let’s get to the most important part. The switch from my old provider to Interserver. I can tell you that it was seamless. They move every site for free. They scan every site for viruses before going live. They test the sites and make sure they are running smoothly before letting you know they are ready to go live. I had virtually zero downtime. All that was needed was your login to the cPanel, Plesk or whatever dashboard and user interface that you have.

Like any move you have some hiccups and some minor issues when you do go live and while you are learning the new user interface and where everything is. The customer service is top of the line and helped me immensely. I can say that was not always the case at my old host. Most customer service reps would but not all.  They help you understand everything about the process and all your concerns are answered.

The ticket system and live chat is outstanding. I have yet to have to make a call over any of my moving over to their site. That is unheard of.

Once you submit a ticket or get the costumer service reps online, or respond to the ticket request, they are friendly and willing to help you get the things corrected you need or answer your questions. The response time is usually within a few minutes on chat and 30 minutes on a ticket. Sometimes it is longer, but that is to be expected from time to time. They are so adept on regular support, I have never had to call in like you do most hosting companies.

The options you get with their hosting plans are amazing. I have not seen many other hosting companies offer what these guys do. Even when reading it, I didn’t get the full significance of it until I started doing things to the backend of my websites. The speed is outstanding.

I know once my sites grow more, I am going to have to move to their VPS plan. It is a little more expensive and you must have some knowledge of how to be your own techie unless you want to upgrade for their support Staff. That is not an issue as you can pay for support and the way these servers run, I don’t think you are going to have many issues at all.

The VPS plan has many options. You can choose the cores, RAM, storage and transfer limits. They are very affordable. You can also choose Linux, Windows, many other operating systems, and Webuzo. You can also choose the location of your server, if that matter to you.

The user interface once you login is very simple and easy to use. All your options are easy to find. Logging into cPanel, finding billing, customer support, your servers, domains, and all of that is well laid out and easy to use. It also includes over 450 apps in the cloud that you have access to.

Once you login to cPanel it has automatic backups and virus scans. You can do them yourselves as well. Most of the places you must pay for backups and virus service. This comes included with most packages. This ensures you have all the tools necessary to have a clean and fast site. It also guarantees that if you site does go down with database issues you can be back up and running in minutes and not hours. That is critical to most website owners.

Interserver Web Hosting And Vps

Interserver.net is All In One Stop Website

You can also transfer all your domains there and purchase domains cheaper than most other sites that are set up to purchase domains. Many are just hosting sites and don’t allow the purchase of domains. You also get unlimited emails and unlimited bandwidth which is crucial.

Another key thing is you always have a price lock guarantee where your hosting will not go up if you are there. Some places have introductory offers and then the price sometimes doubles once the introductory offer is completed.

With Interserver you can also get ASP.net hosting, Windows hosting, Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS, Webuzo, and more. You have the option for dedicated hosting and rapid deploy servers. There is not much you can not get at this place.

I can tell you this. I am very happy and glad I made the move to Interserver. I am so pleased I am going to start advertising them on my websites so I can help spread the word to others. I was sent an email and asked to write a review and I told them I had to wait a while to see how things went over a few weeks.

I can tell I am going to enjoy my time at Interserver.net. I am also going to be moving the other five websites myself and my partner own over to Interserver once our hosting contracts are up for renewal.

Thank You,

Chris “Dirty” Dyer

Owner: (These sites are on Interserver)





Interserver Web Hosting And Vps

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