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Increase Sportsbook Revenue during the College Football Bowl Season

Regular college football season ended. Thus, it is time for the college football Bowl season. There are forty-three Bowl games scheduled this year. Also, three of them are part of the playoff series. Therefore, you can increase sportsbook revenue during Bowl season.

The two college football semi-final games will be played on December 31. According to sportsbook pay per head news reports, they are the Peach Bowl and the Fiesta Bowl.

There are no college football games on January 1. Also, the last Bowl games will be on January 2. They are the Citrus Bowl, Rose Bowl, Cotton Bowl Classic, and ReliaQuest Bowl.

Increase Sportsbook Revenue during Bowl Season

Increase Sportsbook Revenue During The College Football Bowl Season

We recommend sending game schedules to your players. It is a plus if you put instructions on how to watch the games. That’s one way to get them interested in betting on college football. Thus, we suggest sharing tips, streaks, rivalries, and other stuff that players might find interesting.

In addition, we already know the four playoff teams. You can use that information to build up hype for the playoffs. Also, you can use the sportsbook software to set the odds for the playoff games.

Also, make sure that the sportsbook PPH solution has the games available to wager on. Once you have generated the odds, the next step is to send them to your players. Thus, it is vital to update your mailing list so that you can send college bowl updates to the right players.

Aside from betting on college football games, we recommend informing your players about your other gambling options. For example, they might like poker or online casino games. It would be best if you didn’t wait for players to ask you what’s available. You need to know your players’ interests and promote games ahead of time.

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