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Importance of Instagram to a Sportsbook Pay Per Head Business

Bookies need to understand the importance of Instagram to a sportsbook. If you use Instagram, you can meet your target market. In addition, sportsbook operators can manage their organic presence better through the social media platform.

Instagram allows bookies to view posts where the sportsbook is tagged. Also, they can view profiles of other bookies. Lastly, the platform will enable bookies to schedule posts for a future date. Although most social media platforms allow bookie businesses to schedule posts, Instagram was late implementing the feature.

Importance of Instagram to a Sportsbook

Importance Of Instagram To A Sportsbook Pay Per Head Business

There are many reasons why Instagram is vital for a bookie business. One of the reasons is that many people use social media network. According to bookie software reports, around 37 percent of Instagram users check their feed several times daily.

Also, engagement on the social media platform is measured through comments, shares, and likes. The engagement rate on Instagram is higher than on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Thus, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t include Instagram in your marketing strategies.

According to sportsbook pay per head solutions experts, Instagram Stories can make you relatable. It can show potential players that you are more than just a faceless sportsbook. Also, you can use the live feature to make an impression on future and existing players.

It would be best if you also used Instagram to interact with other users. For instance, you can share pay per head reviews and answer questions future bookies might have about the PPH solutions. Also, you can connect with others by liking, commenting, mentioning, tagging, and direct messages.

Another way you can use Instagram is to build networks with other bookies. You can expand your network and use the platform to share knowledge or collaborate on campaigns.

Lastly, you can use Instagram to stay up to date with the latest sports betting trends. Also, you can use the network to generate interest through timely posts.

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