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HH Launches VCredits, Arcade, vBQuiz, Raffles and VSHOP



It has been a long time coming but Handicappers Hideaway is ready to launch: VCredits, Arcade, vBQuiz, Raffles and VSHOP

What is VCredits?

It is HH new point system. All the HH Points got transferred into Vcredits. You can see your points here: Handicappers Hideaway or by clicking on the Transaction button up top. You get points by: posts, threads, polls, winning contests, poker, depositing at the book of the month, and with our new vBQuiz and Raffles and Arcade.
You can transfer points back and fourth by clicking on the number of credits you have and typing the person name in you want to transfer to. Example:

Initiate Transfer – Transactions
To Account – Change:
Perform Action:

Optional Note:

What is the Arcade?

HH finally has 100’s of games to choose from. We are going to have monthly prizes and points for the high scores of the arcade game chosen each month.
Check it out: Arcade – Handicappers Hideaway

What is vbquiz?

We have purchased a new quiz software and are going to be hosting weekly and monthly tournaments. Posters are encouraged to post quizzes.

What is Raffles?

Why are going to have semi weekly drawing just like the lottery. Chances for you guys to earn more credits.

What is Vshop?

We are starting to build a shop where you will be able purchase free plays from the book of the month, NFl Jerseys, and many other items.

Any questions please ask. We are going to be working on this all month to make it great!

On to the FUTURE!


Handicappers Hideaway


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