HH Bet Phoenix Monday Square Pool SF vs STL

Bet Phoenix Sportsbook

HH Bet Phoenix Monday Square Pool SF vs STL

The Bet Phoenix Monday Square pool is back and it is ready to roll this MLB Season.

Contest Name: HH Monday Square Pool SF vs STL
Contest ID: 2070
Contest Entry Code: PM once you have bought squares
Contest Details Page: ContestGeneral.com
Direct Invite Link: ContestGeneral.com

What you are playing for:

1HH-2 squares
3HH – 9 squares
Max squares 18 per poster

1q 8HH
Half 15HH
3q 8HH
Final 25 at Bet Phoenix

Need to have max 70 squares filled for full value . Under 70 squares no cash replace with HH points and everything reduced 50%

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