Hazard as Striker under Chelsea Boss Sarri

Chelsea manager Maurizio Sarri used Hazard as striker during the 2-1 win against Newcastle. Although they won the game, fans are still asking whether it is the best move for the team. While Eden Hazard did his best, he was struggling to be involved in the game.

Out of the 40 goals scored by Chelsea this season, Hazard scored or assisted half of them. However, he is playing a different role under Sarri. The new Chelsea boss is using him as a false nine. The coach believes it gives the team a better balance on defense.

In the 2-1 victory, Hazard created the go-ahead goal by providing the assist to Willian. It was the only chance Hazard created during the match. In fact, he didn’t have any shots on goal. It is one of his worst showing for Chelsea this season.

Why Hazard as Striker Not Effective

Hazard was a different man during his first game under Sarri, which was also against Newcastle During that match, he had 135 touches and completed 91 passes. He was more at ease as the left-wing. According to gambling news, he was the man of the match.

Chelsea Fc

During the latest match against Newcastle, he won a corner for his team in the 14th minute. That was his first meaningful involvement in the match. Before that, he only had four touches. In comparison, other outfield players of the team had at least twice as many touches. Pay per head bookie sites didn’t expect him to play that bad in the first half.

Sarri told sports news that Hazard is enjoying playing as the false nine. He first used Hazard as striker during their win against Manchester City in December. He added that Hazard was unhappy during the first half of the Newcastle game. However, he grew into his position as the game progressed.

It is important to make Hazard happy as much as possible because his contract will expire in June 2020. However, it looks like Sarri will keep him as a striker for the next couple of matches.

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