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Genius Sports Signs NFL Video Streaming Deal with Ontario Sportsbooks

Genius Sports announced it signed an NFL video streaming deal with three sportsbooks in Ontario. As a result, the provider can offer low-latency video streams of football games to bettors.

Since April 2021, Genius has served as the NFL’s official data and play-by-play provider. However, as part of this new agreement, Rivalry, a Toronto-based company, will be able to use its Watch & Bet sportsbook technology to improve the overall legal sports betting experience and engagement of Ontario customers.

The business will integrate its performance analysis, sports handicapping, and data distribution technology with live streaming of NFL games via its proprietary Watch & Bet data and odds delivery system. These are different aspects of becoming a bookie.

Players can view, gamble on, and follow their wagers on NFL games thanks to access to these extended data streams, which will be fed statistics, odds, and other data by Genius using its cutting-edge AI technology.

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NFL Video Streaming Deal

Genius Sports Signs Nfl Video Streaming Deal With Ontario Sportsbooks

The most significant market for mobile sports betting in North America is NFL betting, which also serves as the primary source of income for all significant bookmakers.

Around 47 million adult Americans, or nearly 18% of the country’s population, are expected to gamble on NFL games this season, according to research conducted by the American Gaming Association (AGA) in September. Most of these bets will be made using mobile applications, with only 23% of American gamblers making wagers in person at a brick-and-mortar sportsbook compared to 49% who bet online. Also, they know the difference between a game of chance vs skill games.

The three sportsbooks are just the newest gaming organizations looking to expand their client base in particular regions by offering increased in-game wagering opportunities, single bet and parlay possibilities, and real-time odds to customers. The most populated province in Canada, Ontario, is not an exception to this procedure.

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