Big Monday triple Pack has the 26-1 NBA Total Of the Month System and a Double Perfect NCAAB Big 12 ESPNU Power Side. Lastly a 14-1 NBA League wide system dating to 1995. NBA Remains at or near the top of several Leader boards this season. Free NCAAB Power angle play below.

On Monday the free College Hoops play is on Towson. St. Game 735 at 7:00 eastern. Towson is quietly putting together a nice season sitting 2nd at this point in Colonial Athletic Conference play. They have several indicators on them tonight as they are laying a few here at UNC Wilmington. Towson has won all 5 times with a 4-0-1 spread mark vs teams who average 65 or less points and 10-1 vs losing teams. In the series they have won 4 straight, covering in 3 of those games. In games vs teams ranked outside the top 200 in the RPI Scale they are a solid 12-1. UNC Wilmington is 0-11 off 3+ losses and is winless in Conference play. When installed as an under dog they have failed to cover 9 of 13 times. They have revenge here but have lost to the spread 3 of 4 times with road loss revenge and are a dismal 7-31 vs winning teams. They have a mediocre 273 ranking in the RPI Scale and are 0-6 vs teams ranked from 100 to 200. Look for Towson to get the cash tonight. Monday card has 3 Big plays. The lead is a 26-1 NBA Total Of the Month and a Double Perfect BIG 12 Side on ESPN U. There is also a 14-1 NBA Power system side. NBA Continues to be highly ranked again this season. Contact at goldencontender@aol.com or at 646-269-5269 to Jump on now and start the week big. For the free NCAAB Play take Towson St. GC


Dirty has been an employee or owner of some of the top online sports gambling forums since 1998. He worked at EOG.com from it's inception until 2008 when he left and opened GamblingIQ and then in 2012 opened Handicappers Hidaway. He has written hundreds af articles over the years and always has his "Dirty Dozen" College Football poll up starting the first week of October.
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