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Five Interesting Bets for 2020

Five Interesting Bets For 2020When Macbeth and Banquo visit the Witches, the latter famously them if they “can look into the seeds of time, and say which grain will grow and which will not.”

That bet doesn’t exactly turn out well for Banquo, or Macbeth for that matter. You want to make sure that when you place your bets, you’re betting with confidence and assurance. Above all, you want to bet on things that are just intriguing and up in the air enough to generate enough wagers and interest, but with just enough clues to let you call the right side of the coin flip.

It’s easier than ever before to call that coin with sites like Unibet. Not only do they offer traditional sports betting along with slots and a whole host of other games, but they also provide wide betting offers specifically to cover events such as these. With as varied a field of potential bets as any you’ll find online, they can help you bet on tomorrow’s big events today.

With that in mind, let’s look ahead to 2020 and some of the upcoming events of the year.

  1. Who Will Win the US Presidency?

Will it be Trump? Will it be someone else? Will the winner of the Popular Vote actually win the Presidency this time? From the broader electoral map to the individual state races to the races within the states themselves, there are countless possible outcomes for which to vote and bet.

  1. Who Will Win Best Actor/Actress/Picture?

They’re arguably the entertainment awards people care about the most. They can also fetch a huge prize for bettors when they call the winning envelope.

Among the early Best Picture contenders are:

“A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood”


“The Farewell”

“The Irishman”

“Jojo Rabbit”

  1. Who Will Win the Super Bowl?

Who Will Win The Super Bowl?It’s the biggest sporting event in America, and one of the biggest in the world. The Super Bowl has it all – pregame flyovers, star-studded halftime shows, home eating fests that are second to none and oh, yes, there’s a game in there somewhere.

It’s been another year of twists and turns in the NFL.

Who would have ever seen Lamar Jackson taking such a huge step to becoming one of the elite passers in the NFL, or that the 49ers rise once more to become one of the strongest teams in the NFC? Who could have guessed Tom Brady would have had one of his worst statistical seasons in ages, but the Patriots would still be atop the AFC while the Chiefs were touch and go with Patrick Mahomes injured for long stretches of time?

The Super Bowl is an unmissable cultural event, and a betting extravaganza and opportunity like no other to those with the right insights on the latest lines before kickoff.

  1. Who Will Win the Tokyo Olympics?

While Americans gather every four years to try and choose a president, everyone else comes together every four years to try and be the best in a given field. With so many events from which to choose and a truly international flavor, the Olympics offer a unique multicultural and betting experience.

  1. Who Will Win Eurovision?

It’s the singing contest heard around the world – whether we want to or not. Eurovision may baffle as many as it excites, but there’s no denying that it’s one of the biggest singing events of the year, showbiz pageants in the world, and of course, opportunities to bet on who’s going to win this time.

One of the most interesting things about Eurovision bets is that while you may know who’s bound to lose (the UK seemingly never wins) the winners are often quite baffling. Who would’ve predicted Israel would win a couple years ago, or the Netherlands the year before that?

Eurovision is the entertainment Super Bowl of Europe – and it can mean a Super Bowl-sized pay day if you guess the right singer at the right odds.

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