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It is almost time for the 2014 NBA Draft and the rumors are just starting to heating up. LeBron James just opted out of contract leaving over 40 million dollars on the table. Carmelo Anthony has already opted out and is exploring what team might fit best for him and his quest for an NBA title. With so much going i thought it would be a good time to give out CG top 10 mock draft. 

1. Cleveland select Andrew Wiggins- they can’t pass on the guy who has some of the most upside in the draft. After coming up with a complete strike out last year they need to a home run and that is Wiggins. 

2. Milwaukee select Jabari Parker- the Bucks need a corner stone player without too much risk like Embiid so the logical choice is Parker

3. Philadelphia select- Joel Embiid- Philly had no issues sitting Noel last year and don’t see them passing on Embiid here because they also have the 10th pick as well. 

4. Orlando select- Julius Randle- the Magic are true dark horses and could select Exum, Smart or even Vonleh but i just have a feeling Randle might sneak in there. 

5. Utah select- Noah Vonleh- Utah obsession with big men is well documented and i think they still have hope for Trey Burke so they will pass on Exum. 

6. Celtics select- Dante Exum- Danny Ainge tried for Kevin Love but i think he will be only able to fleece T Wolves once. Plan B draft young and swing for the fences and that is Exum.

7 LA Lakers select- Marcus Smart- Kobe Bryant loves players with passion and heart and that is Marcus Smart. This is the perfect spot for him.

Sacramento trade pick (Thomas and others) to the Boston Celtics for Rondo – Aaron Gordon- Danny Ainge gets Exum and high flyer Gordon and is now ready to build for the future with coach Brad Stevens

9 Charlotte select- Rodney Hood- Charlotte needs scoring bad and Hood can do that for sure. 

10 Philadelphia select- Dario Saric- Philadelphia has no interest in winning now and Saric signing a two year deal in Europe means they can stash all their players away for a real run in a couple of years. 

The NBA rumor mill is heating up! Make sure to tune into the draft on June 26. 2014 at 8pm EST on ESPN

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