Bookie Update on Soccer Crisis in Africa

The African continent is facing a soccer crisis that FIFA had to step in and take control. In fact, it assigned its secretary general to run the organization. As a result, Fatma Samoura will be the FIFA High Commissioner for Africa.

The Confederation of African Football suffered from one disaster to another in recent months. As a result, the organization is on the verge of collapse, according to sports news headlines. It came just in time for the preparations for the Africa Cup of Nations.

On the day before the tournament, senior officials held an emergency meeting. They agreed with FIFA’s decision to have Samoura run the show.

Although FIFA’s rules allow the organization to take control of any member association that’s in trouble, it is not allowed to run regional bodies. That’s why it needed CAF’s board to agree with Samoura’s appointment.

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Soccer Crisis in Africa

Bookie Update On Soccer Crisis In Africa

The Confederation of African Football faced several issues. One of them is the investigation into its president Ahmad Ahmad for allegations of several wrongdoings. These include sexual harassment and financial mismanagement.

Ahmad denies all accusations against him. In fact, he told bookie pay per head sites that it was just a smear campaign. However, he was briefly arrested in Paris earlier in June after the reelection of Gianni Infantino as FIFA president.

Infantino was mad after Ahmad’s arrest. It came after Infantino claimed FIFA has changed for the better after the 2015 indictment against several high-ranking officials.

Samoura’s position is only a temporary one. Her role is to review how CAF is running the football program on the continent. In addition, she will supervise the administration of the organization. Also, she will recommend reforms to avoid problems in the future.

Samoura’s responsibilities include improving CAF’s reputation and make sure it can handle disasters better. At present, FIFA is still setting up the arrangement in time for summer. The best bookie pay per head hopes that she can help CAF out of its slump.

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