Bookie Predicts End of AAF

Two weeks before the official end of its season, the Alliance of American Football suspended its football operations. Some people are speculating that this might be the end of AAF. For days, all eyes were on control owner Tom Dundon. However, there’s no official confirmation on whether the league was going to shut down.

At present, teams canceled their practices. Team executives are wondering what Dundon is thinking of. Since he invested in the AAF in February, nothing changed with the league. In fact, he invested $70 million out of his total pledge of $250 million. He will lose his initial investment if the league shuts down.

Before Dundon became the control owner, the AAF was optimistic about its chances of survival. In fact, it has a long-term plan to become a developmental league for the NFL. However, things change with the arrival of Dundon.

Is This the End of AAF?

According to a bookie pay per head expert, the AAF, its partners, and the National Football League are unsure about what Dundon is doing recently. Players are also sad about the imminent end of AAF. However, everything is still speculations until Dundon releases his statement to sports news outlets.

Bookie Predicts End Of Aaf

In the middle of everything is the negotiations between the AAF and the NFLPA on the use of NFL young players. In fact, Dundon said that if they can’t reach a deal, he will be looking at all the options available. In addition, he is willing to shut down the league.

According to the best bookie pay per head, all signs point to the AAF not getting the nod from the NFLPA due to the players’ CBA. The NFL also needs to go through lots of bureaucracy to approve a deal with the AAF. While the league managed to play its games over the weekend, Dundon continued with his threat of closing the AAF.

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