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Bookie Inspects Louisville Pitino Settlement

The University of Louisville and Rick Pitino reached an amicable settlement regarding the Hall of Fame coach’s dismissal from his job two years ago. In fact, it looked like the Louisville Pitino settlement is a win-win situation for both parties.

The school will not pay a dime to the basketball coach. ULAA described it as a zero-walkaway cost. The school administrators got their wish of not giving Pitino a single cent. The settlement is a surprise considering Pitino initially asked for more than $40 million as compensation for his sacking.

In accordance with the Louisville Pitino settlement, the school needs to rewrite the coach’s departure as a resignation. It looks like Pitino doesn’t want to dirty his hall of fame resume. However, the coach is not off the hook from the infractions leading to the recruitment of Brian Bowen.

Louisville Pitino Settlement

Bookie Inspects Louisville Pitino Settlement

In a joint statement released to bookie pay per head reviews and news sites, it stated that the issues leading to the infractions occurred under Pitino’s watch even if the coach didn’t have any knowledge of what his staff was doing. Based on the joint statement, the blame game is still ongoing according to gambling product insiders.

Although Pitino didn’t receive anything from the settlement, it looks like mainstream media is not highlighting that part of the deal. In fact, most sports news headlines don’t mention the zero-dollar settlement. Instead, they make the hall of fame coach the victor in the deal.

Most stories on the settlement tackled the coach’s next career move. Only a few quoted UL Athletic Director Vince Tyra’s as saying it was a zero-walkaway cost deal. Tyra mentioned it three times in the press conference.

So, what’s next for Pitino. Well, you will not see him looking for how to become a bookie tutorial soon. He might want to look for a coaching job but has no plans of going back to Europe. NBA training camp will start soon. However, there are no teams interested in hiring him this season.

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