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Bookie Guide to Grand Salami Betting

Although the Grand Salami might seem like a delicious sandwich, it is a popular type of prop bet. We present a bookie guide to Grand Salami betting. It can help you understand the exciting betting option you can use on baseball and hockey games.

According to Handicappers Hideaway sources, it is a cumulative total for all the games for the night. Therefore, it is one of the betting options you need to know when learning how to be a bookie.

Sportsbooks post Grand Salami for NHL and MLB games. Instead of betting on a game’s total, you are guessing the entire combined score of all matches within a specific league for the day. Also, it is exclusive to hockey and baseball.

Guide to Grand Salami Betting

Bookie Guide To Grand Salami Betting

Almost all sportsbooks offer Grand Salami every day for MLB and NHL games. You can check the sportsbook’s baseball or hockey section. Also, you can find Grand Salami options under prop bets or daily lines. If you want to become an independent bookie, you need to know where the Grand Salami is.

You need to know that the Grand Salami is not the sum of the totals of all the games. So, if there are ten hockey games, each game has an over/under of 7.5, the Grand Salami would not be at 75.

Instead, bookmakers use various formulas to develop the Grand Salami number. The first step is to get the sum of the totals. Then, bookies change the number based on multiple factors, including injuries, lineup changes, and more. However, the Grand Salami number will be close to the sum of the totals. In some cases, it is the same number.

When betting on Grand Salami in hockey, you need to consider the goalies. In baseball, pitchers come into play.

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