Bookie Criticizes Solskjaer for Weak Management

Manchester United and Wolves match ended in a 1-1 draw after Pogba missed a penalty kick with around 20 minutes remaining. Critics blamed Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s decision to have two penalty takers. They called it a weak management move.

Just last week, Marcus Rashford took a spot-kick in the 4-0 win over rivals Chelsea. However, Rashford and Pogba decided that the latter take the spot-kick against the Wolves. He struck the ball well. However, keeper Rui Patricio blocked his attempt.

After the game, Solskjaer said that the two players are his designated penalty kickers. It is up to them to decide who will take the penalty kick. His critics called it a weak management decision. They said it is the manager’s job to designate. His poor judgment cost the team the game, according to soccer analysts.

Weak Management by Solskjaer

Bookie Criticizes Solskjaer For Weak Management

Although Rashford might also miss the kick, people might not criticize the manager because he took the last penalty shot for the team. The best bookie pay per head said that players should not make that decision.

According to bookie betting software analysis, Pogba scored seven out of eleven penalty attempts for Manchester United in the Premier League. Rashford is one for one. In fact, the latter scored from the penalty spot during the Champions League game against Paris St-Germain when Pogba was out due to a suspension.

Pogba missed his last four attempts in the Premier League since last season. On the other hand, Rashford just scored from the penalty last week. I should be a no-brainer on who is going to take the penalty kick, according to online bookie pay per head providers.

Solskjaer defended his strategy by saying Pogba was confident at that time. He added that players know when they are in the zone. Pogba felt he rivals score. However, the goalkeeper made a good save.

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