Bookie Analyzes the Ugly Efficiency of Modern Basketball

Free-flowing basketball is like ballet where players are jumping on and off a trampoline. However, modern basketball is turning into an ugly spectacle. As teams try to score efficiently, teamwork takes a backseat.

Loot at the Houston Rockets. James Harden perfected the art of drawing fouls. Instead of trying to get open by passing the ball, Harden will throw himself into the defender to get a foul called.

In the age of advanced analytics, a free throw is the best way to score. As a result, the Rockets don’t run plays during their possession. Instead, they try to draw fouls. Fans and sports news reporters describe modern basketball as ugly. However, it is efficient, as seen by the success of the Rockets.

The Ugliness of Modern Basketball

Bookie Analyzes The Ugly Efficiency Of Modern Basketballbookie Analyzes The Ugly Efficiency Of Modern Basketball

Based on the Rockets, ugly basketball works. It allowed the team to reach the playoffs seven straight seasons. Also, they nearly knock off Golden State out of the past two playoffs. Despite the recent controversy involving its president Daryl Morey and China, Houston remains competitive. Bookie pay per head reviews and news sites expect the team to be on top of the standings at the end of the season.

The team is doing everything right for a chance to win the NBA championship this season. However, they are not fun to watch. As sports team owners try to maximize their profits, they have their players jump into their defenders so that they can shoot free throws.

PPH sportsbook outlets also see the trend of ugly play in baseball as teams look for strikeouts and home runs instead of balls and singles. For two straight seasons, there are more strikeouts in the MLB than base hits. Also, 31.4 percent of at-bats resulted in a walk or strikeout.

Golf is another sport where efficiency is becoming a trend. Players try to hit the ball as far as they can. Also, they use analytical tools to find the best way to get to the green. Pay per head experts noticed golfers pay less attention to the subtlety on the greens.

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