Betting Top Story – Tiger Woods Masters Comeback is AP Story of the Year

Tiger Woods Masters Comeback is the sports story of the year, according to the Associated Press. The moment Woods wore the green jacket again touched many sports fans. As a result, it is the top story of the year, beating issues such as equal pay and rights for women, politics, and finances.

The voters consisted of AP members beat writers and sports editors from across the world. They picked Woods’ victory in the Masters over the US Women’s team’s success in the World Cup. The team’s victory led to star player Megan Rapinoe’s campaign for equal pay and an ongoing battle with President Donald Trump.

However, it was not the only sports news story that used sports as a platform for change. Out of the 12 stories up for the award, only three stuck to the main topic. They are the titles won by the Washington Nationals, University of Virginia, and Toronto Raptors.

Tiger Woods Masters Comeback and other Sports Topics

Betting Top Story – Tiger Woods Masters Comeback Is Ap Story Of The Year

The other stories tackled different topics, including the missed call in the Super Bowl and the California law threatening NCAA’s existence. According to pay per head reviews and news sites, most stories nominated for the award went beyond the day of the event.

Tiger Woods’ story is no different from the rest. His story began ten years ago when he ran over a fire hydrant outside his Florida home. According to sports betting software insiders, it led to a series of events that led to the breakup of his marriage. Also, his career suffered due to his problems.

Then came Woods’ injuries. He couldn’t return to his championship form after the breakup with his wife. Many thought he would give up golf. Some thought he spent his time considering how much do bookies make.

However, Woods’ love for the sport didn’t falter. He gained back his game and climbed back up. At 43, he showed he can still compete against the best in the world.

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