Year 2 of Jrod124’s Fantasy College Football Contest! This year running at Handicappers Hideaway! BetOWI will be sponsoring this one in 2014! You must be active with a deposit to be eligible for prizes. BetOWI is also offering a 200% Signup & Reload Bonus + a $100 Casino Chip!!!!

Last year we had 20 teams compete in a H2H style league with 8 teams qualifying for postseason births. We hope to get at least that if not more this season at HH.


  • Teams will be split among 2 conferences. The Legends Conference and the Icons Conference.
  • Depending on the number of teams u will play H2H weekly games against teams in your conference. Last year we had 9 conference games and 1 non-conference game to make up the 10 week schedule.
  • At the end of the regular season the top 2 teams in each conference play in the conference championship game for the right to play for the championship.
  • Once again depending on the number of teams other places in the conference standings will allow you to play for a prize. Last season we had 4 bowl post season bowl games with an awesome prize as an reward for winning.

Two Round Keeper Draft

Before the start of the season there will be draft where you will select your 2 keeper players for the season. These will be players only you can use and u can start or sit them as you see fit. If you don’t like the matchup and want to pick from the tiers that week at that position? That is your choice. The draft order will be generated at random and be snake order so the last pick in the 1st round get the 1st pick in the 2nd round.


In addition to your 2 keepers you will need to fill in the rest of your roster. U can pick anyone in the county, but the trick this season is once you use a player you cannot use him again the rest of the season. You can use your keepers of course every week they are scheduled to play. You will need to start the following every week a roster of 8 players. So if your stud keeper QB has a bye u have to use a replacement for that week.

  • QB-
  • RB1-
  • RB2-
  • WR1-
  • WR2-
  • TE-
  • K-
  • DEF-


Each team will get one Add/Drop during the season to drop a keeper and pick up a free agent. Add/Drops can only take place during the Add/Drop period which will be Sunday at Noon till Tuesday at Noon. I will post in the contest thread when the period has begun. Teams will be a chance to earn extra add/drops during the season for scoring the most points in the week.


Offensive Scoring

  • Passing TD=4 points
  • Passing Yards=1 point for every 20 yards
  • Rushing Yards=1 point for every 10 yards
  • Rushing TD=6 points
  • Receiving Yards=1 point for every 10 yards
  • Receiving TD=6 points
  • Receptions=1 point
  • Field Goal=3 points
  • Field Goal 40-49=4 points
  • Field Goal 50+=5 points
  • Extra Point=1 point

Defensive Scoring

Points Allowed Scale

  • 0 points=20 points
  • 1-6 points=15 points
  • 7-13 points=10 points
  • 14-20 points=5 points
  • 21-27 points=-5 points
  • 28-34 points=-10 points
  • 35+ points=-15 points
  • Sack=1 point
  • Touchdown=6 points
  • Takeaways=3 points

Prizes Free Plays with a 10X Rollover

  1. League Champion-$300
  2. Runner-Up-$200
  3. 3rd Place-$100

***Full Prizes will only be given out with a minimum $100 deposit. The deposit is cumulative so two $50 deposits or any other combo will count. This is for the entire season so no reason anyone shouldn’t qualify for full prizes. We are also working on Weekly Prizes but that will depend on how many deposits and/or signups we have for the contest.

So Far we will have 2 bowl games at the end of the season but we will determine more depending on the number of teams so get in there and signup and claim your 200% Bonus and Reload from BetOWI.