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BetOnline Poker Thanksgiving Micro Series & Thanksgiving Day Freebuys November 24 – 30

Betonline Thanksgiving Micro Series Poker Tournament

Turn Small Buy-Ins into Big Cash Prizes in the BetOnline Poker Thanksgiving Micro Series

The 2022 Thanksgiving Micro Series Poker Tournament is here. Are you ready for another small-stakes festival? Starting on Thanksgiving night, our tournaments team will be stuffing the schedule with additional low buy-in events and leaderboards to reward players November 24th – 30th. Day 1 of the series features Freeroll tournaments so you can build your bankroll into the series.

The low-stakes festival this Fall serves up big tournament action with affordable buy-ins for maximum value. Running from November 24th through the 30th, the Micro Tournament Series in its Fall Edition delivers special events and a $2,000 Leaderboard to reward the top tournament players!

Buy-in from as low as $1.10 and pitch your skills against the competition in a range of NLHE tournaments, PKO’s, R/A’s and more. You can play from your computer, laptop, tablet or mobile device.

  • $50,000 GUARANTEED: Sunday, November 27th at 1:00pm ET. $22 buy-in
  • $250,000 GUARANTEED: Sunday, November 27th at 1:30pm ET. $109 buy-in

$5,000 in Thanksgiving Day Freerolls

Don’t miss out on the very first day which is 100% free-to-enter! We celebrate this special occasion by rewarding the top players in this tournament with free seats into the $250,000 GTD and $50,000 GTD tournaments on Sunday, November 27th, 2022. Rebuys and Add-ons will be available for all Thanksgiving Day Freerolls.

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$2,000 Micro Series Leaderboard

As you play these tournaments, you will be collecting points in our Micro Series leaderboard. The tournament buy-in, number of entries and your position in the tournament determines the number of points in the leaderboard.

The top 40 players in this competition will get rewarded with an additional $2,000 in Tournament Money to continue playing even more tournaments after the series!

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DateTime (ET)Event #GuaranteedBuy-InFormat
Thursday, November 24th, 20222:00 PM1$1,500Freebuy$5.50 Rebuys/Add-on
Thursday, November 24th, 20224:00 PM2$500Freebuy$1.10 Rebuys/Add-on
Thursday, November 24th, 20226:00 PM3$2,000Freebuy$5.50 Rebuys/Add-on
Thursday, November 24th, 20229:00 PM4$500Freebuy$2.50 Rebuys/Add-on
Thursday, November 24th, 202210:30 PM5$1,000Freebuy$5.50 Rebuys/Add-on
Friday, November 25th, 20222:00 PM6$1,000$5.50 
Friday, November 25th, 20224:00 PM7$1,500$11.00 
Friday, November 25th, 20226:00 PM8$2,000$5.50 
Friday, November 25th, 20229:00 PM9$1,500$5.50 
Friday, November 25th, 202210:30 PM10$2,000$11.00 
Saturday, November 26th, 20222:00 PM11$500$2.20 
Saturday, November 26th, 20224:00 PM12$1,000$5.50 
Saturday, November 26th, 20227:00 PM13$500$2.20 
Saturday, November 26th, 20228:00 PM14$2,500$11.00 
Saturday, November 26th, 202210:00 PM15$500$1.10 
Sunday, November 27th, 20221:00 PM16$50,000$22.00 
Sunday, November 27th, 20222:00 PM17$500$2.20 
Sunday, November 27th, 20224:00 PM18$500$1.10Multi Entry
Sunday, November 27th, 20226:00 PM19$1,500$5.50 
Sunday, November 27th, 202210:30 PM20$2,000$11.00 
Monday, November 28th, 20222:00 PM21$1,500$11.00 
Monday, November 28th, 20225:00 PM22$500$2.20 
Monday, November 28th, 20226:00 PM23$2,000$5.50 
Monday, November 28th, 20229:00 PM24$500$2.20 
Monday, November 28th, 202211:00 PM25$1,500$5.50 
Tuesday, November 29th, 20221:00 PM26$2,000$11.00 
Tuesday, November 29th, 20223:00 PM27$500$2.20 
Tuesday, November 29th, 20225:00 PM28$500$5.50 
Tuesday, November 29th, 20229:00 PM29$2,000$11.00 
Tuesday, November 29th, 202211:00 PM30$1,000$5.50 
Wednesday, November 30th, 20222:00 PM31$500$2.20 
Wednesday, November 30th, 20224:00 PM32$1,500$5.50 
Wednesday, November 30th, 20227:10 PM33$10,000$11.00 
Wednesday, November 30th, 20229:00 PM34$1,000$1.10Multi Entry
Wednesday, November 30th, 202211:00 PM35$2,000$5.50 

Thanksgiving Micro Series Terms and Conditions:

  1. Promotion runs from November 24th through November 30th, 2022.
  2. Thanksgiving Day Freerolls reward the top players with free seats into the $250,000 GTD Main Event and $50,000 GTD on Sunday, November 27th.
  3. $2,000 Micro Series Leaderboard rewards players with Tourney Money (TM). Prizes are paid as per the below table:
1st – 40th$50 TM
Total$2,000 TM
  1. Collusion is strictly forbidden and will be monitored closely during the run of the promotion. 
  2. BetOnline reserves the right to modify, alter, discontinue or terminate a promotion at any time for any reason whatsoever, without further notice.
  3. Please see BetOnline’s General Rules for additional Terms and Conditions, which apply to any and all promotions.

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